Meaning of COUNTER in English

I. noun


a ticket office/booth/counter (= a place where you can buy tickets )

There was a long queue at the ticket office.

bean counter

Since the bean counters took over the radio station, it’s become a boring place to work.

counter/combat a threat

We must work together to counter the threat of state terrorism.

Geiger counter

lunch counter




Copies of the leaflet are being distributed to members today and will be available at public counters at Headquarters and Chesser House.

Melatonin, available over the counter , is a hormone produced inside the brain by the pineal gland.

The remedies in the 200M and 10M potencies will not be available over the counter except in specialist pharmacies.

Yeast remedies are available over the counter , and a physician can prescribe antibiotics for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and others.

The completeness of the 1989-90 material is more difficult to evaluate because the drugs in this period were available over the counter .


Would keep it as her final bargaining counter .

On this basis Polaris, and even Trident, could be retained as at least a bargaining counter .

Votes can be used as bargaining counters for future needs.

Even the demand for independence might be advanced as primarily a bargaining counter .


While I do the shopping, Miles sits near the checkout counter reading.

Through the windows, all of the checkout counters appeared to be 10 people deep.

All nine checkout counters are backed up with huge lines of people pushing loaded carts.

Anyway, I finally found the right stockings and took them to the checkout counter .

But Giant shoppers are using an increasing number of coupons generated by scanners at the checkout counter , Scher says.



They are often sold in the winter months from small casks kept on bar counters .

See that fire over there, by the bar counter ?

Pooley was nearing the end of the bar counter by now and the Swan's doorway was perilously close.

In front the enemy, to their right the crowds at the bar counter , to their left tables and the wall.


You have to have the bean counters go through all this.


She leaned against the kitchen counter .

Ellie moved gingerly between the table and the kitchen counter , buttering toast and pouring cups of tea.

In London, my kitchen counter is as cluttered as anybody's.

Wipe kitchen counters after each meal.

She leaves like four bucks on the kitchen counter - though it's since gone down to three-fifty.

He had his guest sit at the kitchen counter .

A second, designed to be installed above a kitchen counter , would be a television and electronic recipe holder.

Before opening it, he grudgingly used the microwave to heat a cup of cocoa, then sat at the kitchen counter .


When we got off to eat I had to lead her by the hand to the lunch counter .

Perhaps not incidentally, a white demonstrator in 1964 joined black people in a Mississippi lunch counter sit-in.

I wanted to integrate schools and lunch counters .

Nothing can compare to the sense of well-being that washed through me at that filthy lunch counter .


Thus we may be able to initiate an instruction fetch from store and increment the program counter in one micro-instruction.

In order to transfer control to a new sequence of instructions, a new value must be deposited in the program counter .


Free carnitine was converted to C acetyl carnitine and measured in a scintillation counter .

Beta and gamma emissions can be detected by scintillation counters .

After vigorous shaking, these were then counted in a Beckman scintillation counter .

The sensing element of a scintillation counter is a fluor, a substance capable of converting radiation energy to light energy.


A descriptive list of the works of art is available at the ticket counters .

The ticket counter folks refused to assign us a seat, sending us to the gate.

She got to the bus station, stood up straight and went out to the ticket counter .

The airline tickets can be delivered by mail, picked up through a travel agent or at airline ticket counter .

Katherine queued at the ticket counter and proclaimed her destination in a clear voice.

Delta, for instance, is providing refund forms at ticket counters and through travel agents.

There were no details about any possible confrontation at the ticket counter .


These objects add instant nostalgia when hung on your kitchen wall or placed in a basket on your counter top .

There may not be an ideal counter top surface; every material has its benefits and disadvantages.

He can see Katherine in the kitchen, with its smooth Formica counter tops and fine oak cabinets.

Fitgerald said the process can also be used on counter tops and table top as well as in store display windows.



Something you could buy over the counter at a supermarket.

A synthetic form of melatonin can be bought over-the-counter at health food stores and many pharmacies.

Hon. Members can buy them over the counter in a chemist's shop.

One of the simplest means is to buy a tally counter .

Most of the illegal guns are not being bought over the counter , or stolen.

I just bought it over the counter .

Nicotine chewing gum can now be bought over the counter at the chemists.

There are several effective preparations you can buy over the counter , in the form of pleasant-tasting drinks or tablets.


She was leaning on the counter with both hands.


She leaned against the kitchen counter .


We kids either had to serve behind the ice-cream counter or wait on the tables.

Nervously, they festooned the front serving counter with ribbons not believing, quite, that people would come.

Mary served behind the counter at Bacon's for a few hours per week.

The women who served behind the counter in their green overalls and caps were non-committal about the quality.


a counter -top appliance

Careful, you're going to spill it all over the counter .

the blue counter

The cashier stood waiting behind the counter .

The local supermarket has a good deli counter .


After bids and counter bids the Secretary of State referred the Guinness proposal to the Commission for inquiry and report.

I looked at her across the counter and tried to detect some glimmer of unexplained Highland intuition.

She was sounding unexpectedly urgent as they approached the empty checkout counter .

The girl had left the weighing counter .

The proprietor, Mr John Allan, sat at a counter carefully turning the brittle pages of what seemed an ancient book.

There's pots to wash and a broom under the counter .

II. verb




The Minister has failed to counter that argument .

The Defendants counter argument that this infrastructure information did not constitute a record either was not allowed by the Court.

The Vendor may then wish to counter this argument and limit the warranty by stating precisely what enquiries it has undertaken.

There are two obvious moves which could be made to counter this argument .

In this respect any shifting of corporation tax would counter this argument to tax corporations perse.


Arsenal have had also apart from the first game, where I doubt coventry went looking to attack , rather than counter attack.

The teams of volunteers have been formed to counter gay-bashing attacks .

The hand can be either a clenched fist or an open palm, depending upon how the defender wishes to counter attack .

The one hand executes the two movements almost simultaneously, leaving the rearguard hand to counter any further direct attack .


Much of the work of the previous fortnight securing evidence to counter the original charge was suddenly irrelevant.

Shannon tried to counter her charges .


In general, ministers are willing to be flexible to ensure that they can counter criticism arising from immediate public anxieties.


Such advice did little to counter the practical problems of cost.

Hard thinking and research may aid us individually, and eventually as a species, to counter some of these problems .


Both the level of available resources and their deployment are constantly adjusted as necessary to counter the foreseeable threat .

They countered the threat by inviting only safe theologians - largely Rome-based - to sit on the preparatory commissions.

Edward's first move was to counter any possible threat to Aquitaine from the south and from the sea.



Obviously they need to be countered and an objective must be set.

The implicit tax would thus rise and fall precisely as needed to counter speculative pressures.

Something big and dramatic was needed to counter the lingering impact of the scandal.

Even less money would be needed to counter river blindness, which is still the scourge of millions.

What is needed to counter it is the simple reflection that there are some things that every rational person desires and values.

The tendency of Down's children towards stubbornness and inflexibility needs to be countered from an early age.


Shannon tried to counter her charges.

This in turn had exerted the upward pressure on bank interest rates which the government was now trying to counter .

Enemy artillery will probably be better than your own, so try to counter it early on.


Hospitals must offer better salaries to counter the shortage of nurses.

Rodrigues countered the criticism by saying that the group does a lot of things for the area that go unnoticed.


But Dole countered with a heavily negative response.

Edward's first move was to counter any possible threat to Aquitaine from the south and from the sea.

Now, I countered with an offer of $ 850, 000.

One measure designed to counter this is the introduction this year of just one school-leaving date - the end of June.

This dual process of introduction is systematically countered by a dual process of elimination.

Yet they did little to counter the challenge of socialism.

III. adjective




They appeared to apologize for their pitiable weaknesses, instead of forming themselves into a counter attack .

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