Meaning of SOLID in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ sɒlɪd ]

( solids)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


A solid substance or object stays the same shape whether it is in a container or not.

...the potential of greatly reducing our solid waste problem...

He did not eat solid food for several weeks.

≠ liquid

ADJ : usu ADJ n


A solid is a substance that stays the same shape whether it is in a container or not.

Solids turn to liquids at certain temperatures.

...the decomposition of solids.

≠ liquid



A substance that is solid is very hard or firm.

The snow had melted, but the lake was still frozen solid...

The concrete will stay as solid as a rock.



A solid object or mass does not have a space inside it, or holes or gaps in it.

...a tunnel carved through 50ft of solid rock.

...a solid mass of colour...

The car park was absolutely packed solid with people.

ADJ : usu ADJ n


If an object is made of solid gold or solid wood, for example, it is made of gold or wood all the way through, rather than just on the outside.

...solid wood doors.

...solid pine furniture.



A structure that is solid is strong and is not likely to collapse or fall over.

Banks are built to look solid to reassure their customers...

The car feels very solid.


• sol‧id‧ly

Their house, which was solidly built, resisted the main shock.

ADV : ADV with v

• so‧lid‧ity

...the solidity of walls and floors.



If you describe someone as solid , you mean that they are very reliable and respectable.

Mr Zuma had a solid reputation as a grass roots organiser.

ADJ [ approval ]

• sol‧id‧ly

Graham is so solidly consistent.


• so‧lid‧ity

He had the proverbial solidity of the English.



Solid evidence or information is reliable because it is based on facts.

We don’t have good solid information on where the people are...

He has a solid alibi.



You use solid to describe something such as advice or a piece of work which is useful and reliable.

The CIU provides churches with solid advice on a wide range of subjects...

All I am looking for is a good solid performance...


• sol‧id‧ly

She’s played solidly throughout the spring.

ADV : ADV with v


You use solid to describe something such as the basis for a policy or support for an organization when it is strong, because it has been developed carefully and slowly.

...Washington’s attempt to build a solid international coalition.

= strong


• sol‧id‧ly

The Los Alamos district is solidly Republican...

So far, majority public opinion is solidly behind the government.

ADV : ADV adj / prep , ADV with v

• so‧lid‧ity

...doubts over the solidity of European backing for the American approach.



If you do something for a solid period of time, you do it without any pause or interruption throughout that time.

We had worked together for two solid years.

ADJ : ADJ n , -ed ADJ

• sol‧id‧ly

People who had worked solidly since Christmas enjoyed the chance of a Friday off.

ADV : ADV with v


see also rock-solid

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