Meaning of SOLID in English

I. ˈsälə̇d adjective

( -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English solide, from Middle French, from Latin solidus; akin to Greek holos, entire — more at safe


a. : having an interior filled with matter : being without an internal cavity

the knob is heavy because it is solid

the stalks of some plants are not solid

a solid tire

— opposed to hollow


(1) : set in type without leads or other spacing material between the lines : close

a forbidding page full of solid black paragraphs

(2) : having no intervening space

the solid elements of a compound word

c. : not interrupted by any break or opening

the outer walls solid and windowless

the law requires a driver to stay on his own side of the solid line


a. : having or involving three dimensions : cubic

a solid paraboloid

a solid foot contains 1728 solid inches

b. : of, relating to, or dealing with solid magnitudes

a solid equation

— see solid geometry


a. : marked by density or compactness : of uniformly close and coherent texture or consistency : not disintegrated, loose, or spongy

a solid mass of rock

rain fell in solid sheets

the surgeon scraped back to solid healthy bone

b. : possessing or characterized by the properties of a solid : being neither gaseous nor liquid

the pavement is not yet solid

physics of the solid state

4. : of good and substantial quality or kind

solid comfort


a. : having merit or soundness

based his decision on solid reasons

b. : made firmly and well : sturdy

a solid chair

firm solid walls


(1) : full sounding and having a strong rhythmic drive

solid jazz music

(2) : excellent in every respect — used especially of popular music

d. of immunity : capable of resisting severe challenge

intradermal inoculation of the virulent agent in guinea pigs resulted in solid immunity in all trials

5. : united or consolidated so as to form an integral whole: as

a. of time : having no break or interruption

stand for three solid hours

b. : unanimous

a solid delegation

the solid vote of a delegation

group opinion is solid

c. : united or joined in intimacy : being on good terms — used with with

make oneself solid with the chief


a. : having or marked by sound judgment or knowledge : thoroughly grounded

solid thinkers

solid learning

b. : serious-minded , reliable , prudent ; often : well-established financially : having unimpaired credit

solid New Englanders

the solid men of the community

c. : serious in purpose or character : not trivial : not vain or frivolous

time for solid reading

7. : entirely of one substance, formation, kind, or character: as

a. : entirely of one metal : containing the minimum of alloy necessary to impart hardness

solid gold

b. : being or consisting of a single uniform color or tone

c. : having decorative details worked on solid material

a solid frame

Synonyms: see firm

II. adverb

: solidly ; often : unanimously

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin solidum, from neuter of solidus, adjective

1. : a magnitude that has the three dimensions length, breadth, and thickness : a part of space (as a cube, a sphere) bounded on all sides


a. : a substance that does not flow perceptibly under moderate stress, has a definite capacity for resisting forces (as compression, tension, strain) which tend to deform it, and under ordinary conditions retains a definite size and shape — compare gas , liquid

b. : material in solution or suspension that when freed of solvent or suspending medium has the form and qualities of a solid — usually used in plural

the solids of the blood

milk solids include salts, protein, and sugar

— see solids-not-fat

3. : something (as a substantial mass) that is solid: as

a. : a compact mass of masonry or comparable fabrication (as a wall or pier) as distinguished from one containing a void or an opening

b. : coal in place that has not been sheared, undercut, or similarly prepared for blasting


(1) : a solid color

(2) : a printing plate having an entirely smooth surface without etching or design of any kind that is used for printing a solid color and especially a tint

(3) : one of the darkest or heaviest printing areas of a haltone as distinguished from middletone or highlight areas

(4) : textile or other material of a solid color — usually used in plural

d. : a compound word whose members are joined together without a hyphen

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