Meaning of SOLID in English

I. sol ‧ id 1 S3 W3 /ˈsɒləd, ˈsɒlɪd $ ˈsɑː-/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ solid , ↑ solidarity , ↑ solidity , solids, ↑ solidification ; verb : ↑ solidify ; adverb : ↑ solidly ; adjective : ↑ solid ]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: solide , from Latin solidus ]

1 . FIRM/HARD hard or firm, with a fixed shape, and not a liquid or gas:

The lake was frozen solid.

It was good to be back on solid ground again.

Is the baby eating solid food (=bread, meat etc) yet?

The ship’s sonar can detect the presence of solid objects in the water.

2 . ONLY ONE MATERIAL consisting completely of one type of material

solid gold/silver etc

a solid gold cup

solid wood/pine/oak etc

a chest made of solid oak

3 . NOT HOLLOW having no holes or spaces inside OPP hollow :

a solid rubber ball

a shrine carved out of solid rock

4 . WITHOUT SPACES continuous, without any spaces or breaks:

It’s not safe to pass when the lines in the middle of the road are solid.

5 . STRONGLY MADE strong and well made OPP flimsy :

a solid piece of furniture

The frame is as solid as a rock (=extremely solid) .

6 . GOOD AND LONG-LASTING a solid achievement or solid work is of real, practical, and continuing value:

five years of solid achievement

The first two years provide a solid foundation in the basics of computing.

7 . DEPENDABLE someone or something that is solid can be depended on or trusted SYN sound :

a solid reputation

The prosecution in this case has no solid evidence.

You can rely on Wylie for good solid advice.

a solid Labour stronghold (=where people always vote for this party)

8 . CONTINUING WITHOUT INTERRUPTION informal used to emphasize that something continues for a long time without any pauses:

The lecture lasted two solid hours.

five hours/two weeks etc solid

On Saturday I went to bed and slept fourteen hours solid.

9 . packed solid informal if shops, trains, buses etc are packed solid, they are full of people

10 . on solid ground confident because you are dealing with a subject you are sure about, or because you are in a safe situation:

To make sure that he was on solid ground, he confirmed his findings with others.

11 . GOOD British English informal good

12 . DIFFICULT British English informal very difficult:

I couldn’t do any of the maths last night – it was solid.

13 . SHAPE technical having length, width, and height SYN three-dimensional :

A sphere is a solid figure.

14 . IN AGREEMENT be solid British English to be in complete agreement:

The workers are 100% solid on this issue.

—solidly adverb :

solidly built

—solidness noun [uncountable]

II. solid 2 BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ solid , ↑ solidarity , ↑ solidity , solids, ↑ solidification ; verb : ↑ solidify ; adverb : ↑ solidly ; adjective : ↑ solid ]

1 . [countable] a firm object or substance that has a fixed shape, not a gas or liquid:

the properties of liquids and solids

2 . solids [plural] foods that are not liquid:

He’s still too ill to eat solids.

3 . [countable] technical the part of a liquid which has the qualities of a solid when it is separated from the ↑ solvent (=watery part)

4 . [countable] technical a shape which has length, width, and height, such as a ↑ sphere or ↑ cylinder ⇨ plane

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