Meaning of SOLID in English


adj. 1 three-dimensional, cubic The perspective drawing is a representation of a solid object 2 filled (in or up), packed, jammed, crowded, teeming, congested, crammed, swarming, compressed, concentrated, Colloq chock-a-block, jam-packed, chock-full By the time I arrived, the gallery was solid with people 3 compact, firm, hard, stable; unshakeable or unshakable, unshaky, substantial, concrete, sturdy, sound, stout, strong The vessel floated through the air before coming to rest on solid ground His theories rest on a solid foundation. 4 consistent, homogeneous, uniform, unalloyed, unmixed, pure, continuous, unbroken, real, authentic, true, genuine, 24-carat, unadulterated, Slang honest-to-God This mountain seems to be solid iron all the way through John gave me a solid gold necklace for my birthday. 5 law-abiding, upstanding, upright, decent, stout, substantial, powerful, reliable, regular, steady, steadfast, stalwart, straight, estimable, sure, trusty, trustworthy, true-blue, worthy, dependable, sober Mr Hart is one of the solid citizens of this town He has always been a solid defender of the underdog. 6 steady, stable, stalwart, dependable, sturdy, strong, substantial, sound, firm, well-built, well-constructed, well-made, tough, durable, rugged, stout That chair is not solid enough for you to stand on 7 cogent, sound, concrete, weighty, proved, provable, valid, reasonable, sensible, rational, sober, well-founded, authoritative, indisputable, incontrovertible, irrefutable, incontestable, good, powerful, potent, forceful, convincing, persuasive He presents a solid argument for a sales tax 8 firm, downright, vigorous, telling, effective, forceful, potent, powerful, mighty, dynamic, thorough, through-and-through, intensive Jan struck a solid blow against the supporters of abortion 9 See solvent, 1, below. 10 entire, complete, whole, continuous; uninterrupted, undivided, unbroken, unrelieved, blank, windowless I had to wait at the dentist's for a solid hour Around the park they erected a solid wall.

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