Meaning of SOLID in English


[] adj [ME solide, fr. MF, fr. L solidus; akin to Gk holos whole--more at safe] (14c) 1 a: being without an internal cavity "a ~ ball of rubber" b (1): printed with minimum space between lines (2): joined without a hyphen "a ~ compound" c: not interrupted by a break or opening "a ~ wall"

2: having, involving, or dealing with three dimensions or with solids "~ configuration" 3 a: of uniformly close and coherent texture: not loose or spongy: compact b: possessing or characterized by the properties of a solid: neither gaseous nor liquid

4: of good substantial quality or kind "~ comfort": as a: sound "~ reasons" b: made firmly and well "~ furniture"

5. a: having no break or interruption "waited three ~ hours" b: unanimous "had the ~ support of the party" c: intimately friendly or associated "~ with the boss"

6. a: prudent; also: well-established financially b: serious in purpose or character 7: of one substance or character: as a: entirely of one metal or containing the minimum of alloy necessary to impart hardness "~ gold" b: of a single color -- adv -- n

[2]solid n (15c) 1: a geometrical figure or element (as a cube or sphere) having three dimensions--see volume table

2. a: a substance that does not flow perceptibly under moderate stress, has a definite capacity for resisting forces (as compression or tension) which tend to deform it, and under ordinary conditions retains a definite size and shape b: the part of a solution or suspension that when freed from solvent or suspending medium has the qualities of a solid--usu. used in pl. "milk ~s"

3: something that is solid: as a: a solid color b: a compound word whose members are joined together without a hyphen [3]solid adv (1651): in a solid manner; also: unanimously

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