Meaning of STIFF in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ stɪf ]

( stiffer, stiffest)


Something that is stiff is firm or does not bend easily.

His waterproof trousers were brand new and stiff...

Clean the mussels with a stiff brush under cold running water.

= rigid


• stiff‧ly

Moira sat stiffly upright in her straight-backed chair.

ADV : ADV adj , ADV with v


Something such as a door or drawer that is stiff does not move as easily as it should.

Train doors have handles on the inside. They are stiff so that they cannot be opened accidentally.



If you are stiff , your muscles or joints hurt when you move, because of illness or because of too much exercise.

The Mud Bath is particularly recommended for relieving tension and stiff muscles...

I’m stiff all over right now–I hope I can recover for tomorrow’s race.


• stiff‧ly

He climbed stiffly from the Volkswagen.



Stiff behaviour is rather formal and not very friendly or relaxed.

They always seemed a little awkward with each other, a bit stiff and formal.


• stiff‧ly

‘Why don’t you borrow your sister’s car?’ said Cassandra stiffly.

...a stiffly worded letter of complaint.

ADV : ADV with v , ADV adj


Stiff can be used to mean difficult or severe.

The film faces stiff competition for the Best Film nomination...

Under Greece’s stiff anti-drugs laws they could face twenty years in jail.

ADJ : usu ADJ n


A stiff drink is a large amount of a strong alcoholic drink.

...a stiff whisky.

= large



If you are bored stiff , worried stiff , or scared stiff , you are extremely bored, worried, or scared. ( INFORMAL )

Anna tried to look interested. Actually, she was bored stiff...

ADV : adj ADV [ emphasis ]

Stiff is also an adjective.

Even if he bores you stiff, it is good manners not to let him know it.

ADJ : v n ADJ

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