Meaning of STIFF in English


[stiff] adj [ME stif, fr. OE stif; akin to MD stijf stiff, L stipare to press together, Gk steibein to tread on] (bef. 12c) 1 a: not easily bent: rigid b: lacking in suppleness or responsiveness "~ muscles" c: impeded in movement--used of a mechanism d: drunk 1a

2. a: firm, resolute b: stubborn, unyielding c: proud d (1): marked by reserve or decorum (2): lacking in ease or grace: stilted

3: hard fought: pugnacious, sharp

4. a (1): exerting great force "a ~ wind" (2): forceful, vigorous b: potent "a ~ dose"

5: of a dense or glutinous consistency: thick

6. a: harsh, severe "a ~ penalty" b: arduous, rugged "~ terrain" 7: not easily heeled over by an external force (as the wind) "a ~ ship" 8: expensive, steep "paid a ~ price" -- stiff.ish adj -- adv -- stiff.ness n syn stiff, rigid, inflexible mean difficult to bend. stiff may apply to any degree of this condition "stretching will prevent your muscles from becoming stiff". rigid applies to something so stiff that it cannot be bent without breaking "a rigid surfboard". inflexible stresses lack of suppleness or pliability "ski boots with inflexible soles".

[2]stiff adv (13c) 1: in a stiff manner: stiffly

2: to an extreme degree: severely "scared ~" "bored ~" [3]stiff n (ca. 1859) 1: corpse

2. a: tramp, bum b: hand, laborer c: person "a lucky ~"

3: flop, failure [4]stiff vt (1950) 1 a: to refuse to pay or tip "~ed the doctor for the fee" "~ed the waiter" b: cheat "~ed him in a business deal" c: stick 7a "~ed us with the bar bill"

2: snub 3 "~ed sportswriters after the game"

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