Meaning of STIFF in English


adj. & n.


1. rigid; not flexible.

2 hard to bend or move or turn etc.; not working freely.

3 hard to cope with; needing strength or effort (a stiff test; a stiff climb).

4 severe or strong (a stiff breeze; a stiff penalty).

5 (of a person or manner) formal, constrained; lacking spontaneity.

6 (of a muscle or limb etc., or a person affected by these) aching when used, owing to previous exertion, injury, etc.

7 (of an alcoholic or medicinal drink) strong.

8 (predic.) colloq. to an extreme degree (bored stiff; scared stiff).

9 (foll. by with) colloq. abounding in (a place stiff with tourists).

--n. sl.

1. a corpse.

2 a foolish or useless person (you big stiff).

Phrases and idioms:

stiff neck a rheumatic condition in which the head cannot be turned without pain. stiff-necked obstinate or haughty. stiff upper lip firmness, fortitude.


stiffish adj. stiffly adv. stiffness n.

Etymology: OE stif f. Gmc

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