Meaning of ATTACH in English


(~es, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If you ~ something to an object, you join it or fasten it to the object.

The gadget can be ~ed to any vertical surface...

The astronauts will ~ a motor that will boost the satellite into its proper orbit...

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VERB: V n to n, V n, V-ed


If someone ~es himself or herself to you, they join you and stay with you, often without being invited to do so.

Natasha ~ed herself to the film crew filming at her orphanage.

VERB: V pron-refl to n


If people ~ a quality to someone or something, or if it ~es to them, people consider that they have that quality.

The authorities ~ed much significance to his visit.

...the magic that still ~es to the word ‘spy’.

...the stigma ~ed to mental illness.

VERB: V n to n, V to n, V-ed


If you ~ conditions to something such as an agreement, you state that specific things must be done before the agreement is valid.

Activists are pressing the banks to ~ political conditions to the signing of any new agreement...

VERB: V n to n


In computing, if you ~ a file to a message that you send to someone, you send it with the message but separate from it.

It is possible to ~ executable program files to e-mail.

VERB: V n to n


no strings ~ed: see string

see also ~ed

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