Meaning of ATTACH in English




a legend is attached to sth (= connected with it )

The cave has an unusual legend attached to it.

attach a condition (= say that an agreement depends on something )

Only one condition was attached to this agreement.

attach a copy of sth (= in an email )

I’m attaching a copy of the schedule.

attach a file (= send it with an email )

Sorry, I forgot to attach the file.

attach importance to sth (= think it is important )

She attached great importance to loyalty.

attach significance to sth (= give something importance )

They say they don't attach much significance to opinion polls.

securely locked/fastened/attached/held etc

All firearms should be kept securely locked in a cabinet.

stigma attached to

There is a social stigma attached to single parenthood.




Make sure that the identity labels are securely attached , and take them out to the heeling-in trench.

The hardest thing about snowshoeing is getting the tethered shoe attached securely to your feet.

From its rear chassis, two heavy chains were securely attached to the steel bars of the gates.


The head, still attached , was twisted to one side.

I am still attached to it, but I try not to look out the window....

You're tilted slightly, and spinning, but you're still attached .

It was still attached to my head.

Only a short piece was still attached to the bell, and the rat was still hanging on to it.

But, the importance still attached to traditional familial connections provided a readymade network for recruitment.

The flag was still attached to its pin, which was buried in the sole of Prentice's shoe.

In that field was the access door from deep within the tank, a piece of the beam still attached .


It's further complicated by the wire it's attached to .

They too attach to very specific parts of the limb.

The Bridge is smooth, nothing to attach to.

No virtue attached to that though.



It was attached to a rusty chain hidden in the bracken.

Ask a grown-up to attach a hooked chain to the centre top bar.

His hands are on the table, but they are held together by manacles, to which a chain is attached .

She too was calm and stood patiently while he attached the chain to a length of rope around her neck.


The councils have the power to attach terms and conditions to the provision of funds to any institution.

Just as ominously, the Senate leadership seems inclined to attach conditions to the money.

Since nobody else had been found, Hayling offered Thornton the Chairmanship, but the executive attached two humiliating conditions .


The wires had no detonators attached to the ends of them.


The main point is that prose varies a great deal in the amount of aesthetic interest which attaches to linguistic form .

They have to be reported on Schedule H, which can be attached to either Form 1040 or 1040A.

Moreover, whether or not conditions are attached to debt relief, they will certainly be attached to other forms of aid.


How much importance was attached to these initiatives in terms of overall company strategy? 5.

The philosophical importance thus attached to the individual coincided with abandonment of traditional values.

Such is the importance attached to an inquiry of this kind.

Seven bookings - four for Millwall and three for the Hammers - reflected the importance both clubs attach to the fixture.

This latter step emphasizes the importance which you attach to the whole process.

This partly accounts for the importance which farmers attach to cultivating their workers' loyalty.

Therapists vary in the importance they attach to background and childhood experiences of the parents.

Special importance shall be attached to an active labour market policy, such as vocational training and retraining.


Make sure that the identity labels are securely attached , and take them out to the heeling-in trench.

It is impossible to isolate parts of the system of government to which the label may authoritatively be attached .

Annotations or labels may be attached to the clones and probes.


What meaning can we attach to spatial position?

Their collective utterances may help us to understand the meaning they wished to attach to this favoured term.

External attributions may take two forms: That there is no meaning to be attached to the members' actions.

In each case a different meaning is attached to the act of lighting a candle.

The meanings and purposes they attach to this behaviour are largely inconsequential.

Exactly what meaning can be attached to the other histories, in which we do not exist, is not clear.


His job is to unearth bodies, attach names to their bones and return the remains to their families.

But it makes the whole idea of the endowment more real to attach a name to the donor.

The Ross Perot candidate petition is attached to a name .

To attract attention to your project, it is best to attach a reputable research name and talent to your proposal.


They are small grains with a little wing attached on each side , which helps them spread by the wind.

The blame attaches to both sides of industry.

Pipes and threaded connectors attached to the back sides serve as handles for technicians who carry and install the 700-pound panels.

Additionally, these straps can sometimes be used to attach extra side pockets.

A barn was attached on the left side and the whole place stood in the centre of a stone courtyard.

Cover the batten and attach the opposite side of touch-and-close fastener, as Method 1.


For on it depends the significance to be attached to the revolution.

And what significance should we attach to this development?

I keep coming back to the idea that everything can have some significance attached to it.

What significance does Hall attach to them?


There was a social stigma attached to diesel car ownership, too.

The social stigma attached to epilepsy 3.

There's a stigma attached to the stay-at-home mum, as if she hasn't a brain between the ears!

In a print society, enormous stigma is attached to the adult nonreader.

In Britain, more so than in other countries, science fiction has always had a stigma attached to it.

There's no stigma attached to being half-cut on the streets.

As I've always been blonde I forget about the stigma attached to the colour.

Few claimants will want to attract the social stigma which attaches to a characterisation of a person as disabled.


However, the billions come with strings attached .

Local officials sometimes complained about adverse decisions and strings attached to the grant but generally seemed satisfied.

It's found money, no strings attached .

We have freedom and no strings attached .

But there are strings attached , and a fresh bureaucratic and political obstacle course lies ahead.

The utility of the new revenue as well as its potential for conflict hinged on the strings attached to its use.

Not only in agriculture, but in industry generally, grant money should have strings attached .

Few strings are attached to the Enterprise Allowance Scheme.


This was the Padre attached to the unit .

Political officers would be attached to units who worked in close co-operation with line officers.


The payment was a symbolic expression of the legitimacy of the marriage and of the value that was attached to it.

Who establishes the value attached to different resources and goods?

In other words, a scarcity value attaches at present to the possession of a licence.

Instead, our desires reflect the collection of values that we attach to our humanity.

The low value attached to girl children is suggested by Rahima, a laundress who lives in Dhaka.


Buy one which attaches to the wall with hooks.

They also can be attached to a wall with special brackets or used as bookshelf speakers.

With my head down I manoeuvred the metal ring over the iron hook which was attached to the wall bracket.

Hanging about a foot from attached wall mounts, these sturdy steel bells would grace any garden.

The largest of these was attached to the inner wall of the heart by a thread of flesh.

But normally, they are attached to the wall of the house.

He found one attached to the wall near a long table; it was half-filled with crumpled, scratched-out cable forms.


We allow the individual to attach different weights as follows.

Fukuyama is unlikely to attach much weight to Liberation theology, which he would no doubt classify as a doomed subspecies of Marxism-Leninism.

The other lies on the tank bottom and is attached to a lead weight .


Use a similar hooked connection to attach the Earth wire and the wire leading from S1 to the solder tag.

In the 1980s mechanical hearts were attached by wires and tubes to machinery outside the body.

An oval drill head was attached to a flexible wire and threaded into a blood vessel in his leg.

A curl of green pressed powder was burning on the table, attached to a wire stand.

The Thing didn't have to be attached to any wires .

The 1M potentiometer should be prepared by attaching short wires to the centre and one of its outer terminals.



They are smaller molecules than proteins, so they have to become attached to a protein molecule before they are activated.

Glycosylated hemoglobin refers to the specific red cell hemoglobin A types to which a glucose molecule becomes irreversibly attached .

After some time the roots become firmly attached .

Once these feelings are put into words, the family is on the road to becoming attached to the newborn.

She had not allowed herself to become too attached to the child.

It then becomes more firmly attached and receives nourishment from the fish by root-like processes.

Each tribe responded and became attached to its own specific landscape, seeing particular lakes and trees as sacred.


no strings (attached)

Howard's agreed to lend me the money with no strings attached.

A boyfriend offered me a weekend in Amman, with no strings attached.

A lift home, with no strings .

How he must have wished to have been in the puppet's place, no policies, work and no strings attached.

It's found money, no strings attached.

She reminded me that we both knew the deal - no strings .

We have freedom and no strings attached.


A copy of my resume is attached to this letter.

Get your receipt, attach it, and send it in.

I've attached the latest spreadsheet for you to look at.

It took a couple of minutes to attach the trailer to the back of the truck.

The doctor attached a tiny monitor to the baby's head.

The doctor will attach a monitor to your stomach so that she can listen to the baby's heart.

The references and diagrams were attached to the document.


But Acheson took a second careful look and saw a few bright specks attached to the rod.

Now processors say they are being offered plastic waste with a dowry of £50-100 a tonne attached.

The board needs little preparation since once the skeg is attached only the daggerboard has to be slid into its case.

These oligonucleotides were attached to Dynal magnetic beads coated with streptavidin according to the manufacturer's instructions.

They were transferring it to living quarters attached to the hospital.

This is the day by which your debtor must return the reply form which is attached to the summons to the court.

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