Meaning of ATTACH in English


v. 1 fasten, join, connect, secure, fix, affix; tack or hook or tie or stick on, pin, rivet, cement, glue, bond, solder, weld, braze; unite; Nautical bend The tag is still attached to your dress Attach this to the wall. How do I attach the sail to the spar? 2 connect, associate, assign, affiliate, enlist, join, add, subjoin, Brit second Her brother-in-law has been attached to my regiment 3 endear, attract I won't say that we were in love, but I was very closely attached to her 4 fix, affix, pin, apply, ascribe, assign, attribute, put, place Why do you attach so much importance to what Dora says? 5 adhere, cleave, stick Many legends have attached themselves to Charlemagne 6 seize, lay hold of, confiscate, appropriate If he cannot meet the mortgage payments the bank will attach his house

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