Meaning of ATTACH in English


— attachable , adj. — attacher , n.

/euh tach"/ , v.t.

1. to fasten or affix; join; connect: to attach a photograph to an application with a staple.

2. to join in action or function; make part of: to attach oneself to a group.

3. Mil. to place on temporary duty with or in assistance to a military unit.

4. to include as a quality or condition of something: One proviso is attached to this legacy.

5. to assign or attribute: to attach significance to a gesture.

6. to bind by ties of affection or regard: You always attach yourself to people who end up hurting you.

7. Law. to take (persons or property) by legal authority.

8. Obs. to lay hold of; seize.


9. to adhere; pertain; belong (usually fol. by to or upon ): No blame attaches to him.

[ 1300-50; ME atachen atacher to seize, OF atachier to fasten, alter. of estachier to fasten with or to a stake, equiv. to estach ( e ) ( stakka STAKE) + -ier inf. suffix ]

Syn. 1. subjoin, append, add, annex.

Ant. 1. detach.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .