Meaning of ATTACH in English


/ əˈtætʃ; NAmE / verb


[ vn ] attach sth (to sth) to fasten or join one thing to another :

Attach the coupon to the front of your letter.

I attach a copy of my notes for your information.

I attach a copy of the spreadsheet (= send it with an email) .

( figurative )

They have attached a number of conditions to the agreement (= said that the conditions must be part of the agreement) .

—compare detach


[ vn ] attach importance, significance, value, weight, etc. (to sth) to believe that sth is important or worth thinking about :

I attach great importance to this research.


[ vn ] attach yourself to sb to join sb for a time, sometimes when you are not welcome or have not been invited :

He attached himself to me at the party and I couldn't get rid of him.


attach to sb/sth ( formal ) to be connected with sb/sth; to connect sth to sth :

[ v ]

No one is suggesting that any health risks attach to this product.

No blame attaches to you.

[ vn ]

This does not attach any blame to you.



Middle English (in the sense seize by legal authority ): from Old French atachier or estachier fasten, fix, based on an element of Germanic origin related to stake post ; compare with attack .

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