Meaning of BOUNCE in English


(~s, bouncing, ~d)


When an object such as a ball ~s or when you ~ it, it moves upwards from a surface or away from it immediately after hitting it.

I ~d a ball against the house...

My father would burst into the kitchen bouncing a football.

...a falling pebble, bouncing down the eroded cliff...

They watched the dodgem cars bang and ~.

VERB: V n prep, V n, V prep/adv, V, also V n with adv

Bounce is also a noun.

The wheelchair tennis player is allowed two ~s of the ball.



If sound or light ~s off a surface or is ~d off it, it reaches the surface and is reflected back.

Your arms and legs need protection from light bouncing off glass...

They work by bouncing microwaves off solid objects.

VERB: V off n, V n off n


If something ~s or if something ~s it, it swings or moves up and down.

Her long black hair ~d as she walked...

Then I noticed the car was bouncing up and down as if someone were jumping on it...

The wind was bouncing the branches of the big oak trees.

= bob

VERB: V, V adv, V n


If you ~ on a soft surface, you jump up and down on it repeatedly.

She lets us do anything, even ~ on our beds.

VERB: V prep/adv, also V


If someone ~s somewhere, they move there in an energetic way, because they are feeling happy.

Moira ~d into the office.

VERB: V prep/adv


If you ~ your ideas off someone, you tell them to that person, in order to find out what they think about them.

It was good to ~ ideas off another mind...

Let’s ~ a few ideas around.

VERB: V n off n, V n around


If a cheque ~s or if a bank ~s it, the bank refuses to accept it and pay out the money, because the person who wrote it does not have enough money in their account.

Our only complaint would be if the cheque ~d...

His bank wrongly ~d cheques worth ?75,000.

VERB: V, V n


If an e-mail or other electronic message ~s, it is returned to the person who sent it because the address was wrong or because of a problem with one of the computers involved in sending it. (COMPUTING)


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