Meaning of BOUNCE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ bauns ]

v. & n. --v. 1 a intr. (of a ball etc.) rebound. b tr. cause to rebound. c tr. & intr. bounce repeatedly. 2 intr. sl. (of a cheque) be returned by a bank when there are insufficient funds to meet it. 3 intr. a (foll. by about, up) (of a person, dog, etc.) jump or spring energetically. b (foll. by in, out, etc.) rush noisily, angrily, enthusiastically, etc. (bounced into the room; bounced out in a temper). 4 tr. colloq. (usu. foll. by into + verbal noun) hustle, persuade (bounced him into signing). 5 intr. colloq. talk boastfully. 6 tr. sl. eject forcibly (from a dancehall, club, etc.). --n. 1 a a rebound. b the power of rebounding (this ball has a good bounce). 2 colloq. a swagger, self-confidence (has a lot of bounce). b liveliness. 3 sl. an ejection. øbounce back regain one's good health, spirits, prosperity, etc. [ME bunsen beat, thump, (perh. imit.), or f. LG bunsen, Du. bons thump]

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