Meaning of BOUNCE in English


I. verb (~d; bouncing) Etymology: Middle English bounsen Date: 13th century transitive verb beat , bump , to cause to rebound or be reflected , 3. dismiss , fire , to expel precipitately from a place, to eliminate from a competition by defeating , to issue (a check) drawn on an account with insufficient funds, to present (as an idea) to another person to elicit comments or to gain approval, intransitive verb to rebound or reflect after striking a surface (as the ground), to recover from a blow or a defeat quickly, to be returned by a bank because of insufficient funds in a checking account , 4. to leap suddenly ; bound , to walk with springing steps, to hit a baseball so that it hits the ground before it reaches an infielder, II. noun Date: 1523 1. a sudden leap or bound, rebound , bluster , verve , liveliness

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