Meaning of RAG in English


n. 1 a a torn, frayed, or worn piece of woven material. b one of the irregular scraps to which cloth etc. is reduced by wear and tear. 2 (in pl.) old or worn clothes. 3 (collect.) scraps of cloth used as material for paper, stuffing, etc. 4 derog. a a newspaper. b a flag, handkerchief, curtain, etc. 5 (usu. with neg.) the smallest scrap of cloth etc. (not a rag to cover him). 6 an odd scrap; an irregular piece. 7 a jagged projection, esp. on metal. in rags 1 much torn. 2 in old torn clothes. rag-and-bone man Brit. an itinerant dealer in old clothes, furniture, etc. rag-bag 1 a bag in which scraps of fabric etc. are kept for use. 2 a miscellaneous collection. 3 sl. a sloppily-dressed woman. rag bolt a bolt with barbs to keep it tight when it has been driven in. rag book a children's book made of untearable cloth. rag doll a stuffed doll made of cloth. rag paper paper made from rags. rag-picker a collector and seller of rags. rags to riches poverty to affluence. rag trade colloq. the business of designing, making, and selling women's clothes.

[ ME, prob. back-form. f. RAGGED ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.