Meaning of RAG in English


[rag] n [ME ragge, fr. (assumed) OE ragg, fr. ON rogg tuft, shagginess] (14c) 1 a: a waste piece of cloth b pl: clothes usu. in poor or ragged condition c: clothing "the ~ trade"

2: something resembling a rag

3: newspaper

[2]rag n [ME ragge] (14c) 1: any of various hard rocks

2: a large roofing slate that is rough on one side [3]rag vt ragged ; rag.ging [origin unknown] (1739) 1: to rail at: scold

2: torment, tease [4]rag n (1864) chiefly Brit: an outburst of boisterous fun; also: prank [5]rag n [short for ragtime] (1897): a composition in ragtime

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