Meaning of REGULAR in English


adj. & n.

adj. 1 conforming to a rule or principle; systematic. 2 (of a structure or arrangement) harmonious, symmetrical (regular features). 3 acting or done or recurring uniformly or calculably in time or manner; habitual, constant, orderly. 4 conforming to a standard of etiquette or procedure; correct; according to convention. 5 properly constituted or qualified; not defective or amateur; pursuing an occupation as one's main pursuit (cooks as well as a regular cook; has no regular profession). 6 Gram. (of a noun, verb, etc.) following the normal type of inflection. 7 colloq. complete, thorough, absolute (a regular hero). 8 Geom. a (of a figure) having all sides and all angles equal. b (of a solid) bounded by a number of equal figures. 9 Eccl. (placed before or after noun) a bound by religious rule. b belonging to a religious or monastic order (canon regular). 10 (of forces or troops etc.) relating to or constituting a permanent professional body (regular soldiers; regular police force). 11 (of a person) defecating or menstruating at predictable times. 12 Bot. (of a flower) having radial symmetry.

n. 1 a regular soldier. 2 colloq. a regular customer, visitor, etc. 3 Eccl. one of the regular clergy. 4 colloq. a person permanently employed. keep regular hours do the same thing, esp. going to bed and getting up, at the same time each day. regularity n. regularize (also -ise). regularization n. regularly adv.

[ ME reguler, regular f. OF reguler f. L regularis f. regula RULE ]

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