Meaning of REGULAR in English


■ adjective

1》 arranged in a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual instances.

2》 recurring at short uniform intervals: a ~ monthly check.

↘done or happening frequently.

↘doing the same thing often or at uniform intervals: ~ worshippers.

3》 conforming to or governed by an accepted standard of procedure or convention.

↘of or belonging to the permanent professional armed forces of a country.

↘properly trained or qualified and pursuing a full-time occupation.

↘ Christian Church subject to or bound by religious rule. Contrasted with secular .

4》 usual or customary.

↘ chiefly N. Amer. of an ordinary kind.

↘ N. Amer. not pretentious or arrogant; ordinary and friendly: a ~ guy.

↘(chiefly in commercial use) denoting merchandise of average size.

5》 Grammar (of a word) following the normal pattern of inflection.

6》 Geometry (of a figure) having all sides and all angles equal.

↘(of a solid) bounded by a number of equal figures.

7》 Botany (of a flower) having radial symmetry.

■ noun a ~ customer, member of a team, etc.

↘a ~ member of the armed forces.

↘ Christian Church one of the ~ clergy.


~ity noun ( plural ~ities ).

~ization or ~isation noun

~ize or ~ise verb

~ly adverb


ME: from OFr. reguler , from L. ~is , from regula 'rule'.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.