Meaning of REGULAR in English


I. adjective


a constant/steady/regular supply

For dairy farming, a constant supply of lush grass is essential.

a regular bus (= one that goes at regular times )

Regular buses run to the airport.

a regular check

It’s vital to keep a regular check on your bank balance.

a regular column

His views were well-known from his regular column in The Spectator magazine.

a regular commuter

He was a regular commuter between Cambridge and London.

a regular customer

My business quickly built up a base of regular customers.

a regular feature (= one that happens often or a lot )

Delays and cancellations are a regular feature of air travel.

a regular guy American English (= an ordinary man )

I knew him in high school. He’s just a regular guy.

a regular user

Regular sunbed users are likely to suffer long-term skin damage.

a regular/frequent guest

The Johnsons were regular guests at Eric’s house in Notting Hill.

a regular/standing army (= permanent and existing whether there is a war or not )

The regular army has about 5,000 troops.

long-term/regular employment (= working for the same company for a long time )

She finally found regular employment at a hospital in York.

regular attender

Daniel was a regular attender at the Baptist Church.

regular contact

All students have regular contact with their tutor.

regular footed

regular meals (= ones that are eaten at the same time each day )

Patients are advised to eat regular meals.

regular medication (= one that someone takes often )

He is on regular medication to prevent fits.

regular use

These drugs are not recommended for regular use.

regular/daily exercise

Taking regular exercise is the best way to improve your overall health.

regular/frequent inspections

Restaurants are subject to regular health and safety inspections.

regular/irregular (= following a regular pattern, or not following one )

Spend time learning the forms of irregular verbs.

sb’s normal/usual/regular routine

Although he'd gone, I continued with my normal routine.




The ragged guerrillas become a new regular army with housing and pensions.

The other women in the classroom, except for two in the uniforms of the regular army , wear dresses.

It is possible that some of Mezrag's forces continue to provide the regular army with back-up troops.

The regular army had become increasingly discontented with its role in the war over the last ten years.

There are effectively two armies: the regular army and the Republican Guard, identifiable by the red triangle on their uniforms.

Just seven days later, Benjamin O.. Davis was named the first black general in the regular army .

Organised at state level, the Guard is composed of part-timers who undergo a statutory period of training with the regular Army .

During the eighteenth century the irregular Cossack hosts were gradually brought under control and absorbed into the regular army .


He must therefore satisfy himself on a regular basis that it does not constitute a statutory nuisance.

And does anyone remember the bizarre lineups that used to play at the Downtown Performance Center on a regular basis ?

Because of other demands on his time, the Chancellor will not usually be a leading participant on a regular basis .

She had a smart daughter over in Daytona who said those things to her on a regular basis .

Perhaps the banks will be the most insistent on the provision of certain defined management accounting information on a regular basis .

And they had to be kept informed on a regular basis about changes in the competitive picture and performance expectations.

They have employees, profits, overheads and customers to be supplied on a regular basis .

Sure, we sit down and talk about the budget on a regular basis .


All your gear must be in good condition and regular checks cost nothing.

Conduct regular checks on your water quality using test-kits.

But as soon as his regular check brings to light the absentee he is able to take prompt and appropriate action.

The tank was left for a further two weeks, during which regular checks were made on the quality of the water.

Social workers and health visitors make regular checks .

At night though the girls could become more easily frightened and the regular checks on the dormitories increased in importance.

Many residents suffer from impaired vision and hearing and should have regular checks .

Her contacts watched horse sales across the country and Mrs Calzini made regular checks with breeders, trainers and slaughterhouses.


Mrs Jackie Bowshell organised the event and cars were brought in by regular customers to a strict timetable.

Jim was a regular customer and got a warm greeting from the owners.

The people who drink at these places are more than regular customers they are members.

Intelmet says that to make the service pay it will require just 10 regular customers every month.

I did have one fairly regular customer though, and it was amazing how we started off.

Indeed that is what the label regular customer really means: a customer who has the potential to go into debt.


Regular hours, regular food, regular exercise , on orders from the Father General.

I had to encourage him to keep up some golf and a regular exercise program in order to stay in shape.

Most back problems originate in this area, but they could be easily avoided by regular exercise of the spinal erectors.

On the plus side, weight loss and regular exercise have been shown to reverse this process.

Exercise Taking regular exercise is one of the healthiest things that women can do.

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating low-fat foods and getting regular exercise can reduce your risk.

More women are taking up regular exercise , and may wish to continue their routine during pregnancy. 2.

Keep up your regular exercise and be careful not to strain yourself with the heavy clubs.


Tom Rooney was standing by the door with his pocket-watch in his hand, allowing his men out in regular intervals .

Follow-ups at regular intervals also focus on relapse prevention.

The switchboard can automatically call the guest's room at regular intervals until a reply is received.

They started at a particular time, and at regular intervals another dorm would go in.

Marshall took 5 for 35 as wickets toppled at regular intervals , and the board reached only 162.

The rest, six in all, have come at regular intervals since.

Benny found herself in a rock-walled tunnel, with bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling at regular intervals .

He slept at regular intervals , was not colicky, and was not overly active.


And he had his regular job which his son was keeping warm for him.

And so the venture was launched as a weekend sidecar to their regular jobs .

Here in Deptford half the male population don't have what you'd call a regular job .

Working a regular job , you lose a lot of time with them.

Three and a half years ago, six computer programmers gave up their regular jobs to form Computercraft.

First, she said, her husband: quite a number of successful poets had supported themselves by working at regular jobs .

He had said he would give up freelancing and get a regular job on a trade magazine or something.

At first we worked regular jobs in the daytime and our own little business at night and on weekends.


Equally, much conversation has a regular pattern to it.

But perhaps Joseph got us started on the wrong track, for booms and busts do not appear in regular patterns .

The solution to this problem, like that of the boiling liquid, is found in the formation of regular patterns .

His lower abdomen was expanding and contracting in a deep, regular pattern .

The Conference has a regular pattern of work.

In each case, the result is a solid composed of atoms arranged in a regular pattern .

This is true only for music which moves in regular patterns , and we could well do otherwise if we wish.

The footfalls drummed a fast, regular pattern of coordinated trot.


A regular service contract is not expensive when compared to the cost of modern instruments and can provide great peace of mind.

Dennison instituted an air charter service as well as regular service between Hyannis and Boston.

The ferry crews on regular service between Harwich and the Hook evidently took to their unexpected role as child minders.

He has a custom-built tank and regular service by an aquarium specialist.

However every car needs a regular service by trained personnel who do understand its mechanical workings.

The Beech 1900, a twin-engine turboprop seating 19, is among the smaller commuter aircraft in regular service .

It held regular services , ran a Sunday school and was involved in numerous village activities.

The plane made a nationwide publicity tour before beginning regular service .


This finding warns us against concluding that women get into heroin and sustain regular use solely because of male associations and partnerships.

Each user will be required to buy an annual pass and pay regular use fees.

A slatted steamer chair costs £186; well-worth investigating, for occasional or regular use .

All her bicycle needed was some regular use .

This was the only period when the connecting curve at the top of Tamworth Road was in regular use .

She told me that she considered it a better one, but that it was too old to be in regular use .

Tolerance means that with regular use , you need to increase the dose to achieve the same effect.

But Smith's name is unfamiliar even to many of the professional mathematicians who make regular use of the ideas he introduced.


However, even this chore was quickly organised to accommodate regular visits to his beloved Scourie.

So I may anticipate regular visits of inspection and solicitude while they wait for me to get a belly full of independence.

Prisons are exempt from having regular visits from environmental health officers, but in April 1992 this Crown Immunity will be lifted.

Your doctor and the hospital will arrange for you to make regular visits for antenatal care.

She makes regular visits to Osteopath, Steven Davies in Cheltenham for treatment.

Sir John pays regular visits to the traders to offer advice.

Nicklaus made regular visits to oversee operations as the course was being carved out of the lush countryside.

But at the same time lawyers and family were generally permitted to make regular visits .


He was a regular visitor , escorting the girls to the theatre and parties.

One of the bungalows, which once boasted Walter Annenberg as a regular visitor , even comes with its own lap pool.

He was such a regular visitor that he was given his own pit boots and locker.

Within a few weeks they were regular visitors .

One regular visitor to la strega, and later to Signora Grignaffini, was Amelia.

These ships were regular visitors for over twenty years.

Once I brought them home to our flat, they soon lost their bounce and the doctor became a regular visitor .

Of that, perhaps 5,000 people are regular visitors , Harris said.


Only two of the ten who had completed their education were in full-time regular work .

Their regular work on this day is handled by the novices who are assigned to assist them during the week.

Legal arguments about the extent and scope of repairing covenants keep much of the landlord and tenant bar in very regular work .

He then organized a team of five employees who revised the proposal and several other documents-without interrupting the regular work flow.

Then he asked me to do his regular work , but I didn't commit myself.

Fanshawe had never had any regular work , she said, nothing that could be called a real job.

Few had found regular work although without being specific part time and temporary work had been undertaken.

Managers who live in the hotel usually have regular work schedules, but they may be called to work at any time.


at regular intervals

Feed your puppy at the same regular intervals each day.

Small trees can be planted at regular intervals along a path to create an avenue.

There are stations where runners can get water at regular intervals throughout the marathon.

These women were given blood tests at regular intervals for a year.

Better to feed small amounts at regular intervals .

By practicing at regular intervals , the insight and calm of meditation are maintained and amplified.

He made long sweeps at regular intervals in and around the Teeth, but there was nothing.

He may be required to report to a particular individual or place at regular intervals as part of a monitoring process.

If using a cone, spray again at regular intervals .

Now for the decorations ... Push the gold candles into the icing at regular intervals .

The fog-horn, its sound now muffled by the houses, continued to bleat at regular intervals .

They would have to field candidates for a variety of offices at regular intervals or risk being closed.

long/regular/late etc hours

A junior hospital doctor was telling Virginia Bottomley of the long hours he worked in casualty.

During the decline of hand-loom weaving, more and more families were brought under the necessity of working longer hours .

He had gone to Peterborough and worked long hours in a canning factory only so that he could own this bike.

Instead he spent long hours alone, reading memoranda, and making check marks to indicate the recommendations that he ap-proved.

It meant long hours for the pilots, flight deck crews, repair crews and cooks.

It provides leisure time, one of the prime goals for which most men work long hours and years.

These data are there for the asking, and they can provide a shortcut to long hours of interviews and observations.

We have acted to reduce the long hours worked by junior doctors in hospitals.

on a regular/daily/weekly etc basis

Among stocks, only the railroads paid dividends on a regular basis .

Because of other demands on his time, the Chancellor will not usually be a leading participant on a regular basis .

Both will prevent you from burning and tanning, provided they are reapplied on a regular basis .

Counselling, information and advice giving, respite from caring on a regular basis can all help.

I hear there are very few companies in our industry who carry out a comprehensive performance review on a regular basis .

If you like going to concerts, do so on a regular basis . 3.

Neither you nor I nor most people embrace behavior change on a regular basis .

The president often raises it before heavily female audiences but not on a regular basis .


a regular churchgoer

Do you do any regular exercise?

Do you want decaffeinated or regular coffee?

Dr. Garrison is a regular doctor, not a specialist.

Draw a regular hexagon with 90 mm sides.

Even though the dye is quite strong a regular shampoo will remove it.

I'd like a cheeseburger and a regular Coke.

If they don't have Tylenol, just get me regular aspirin.

Infants require regular health screening.

It's important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

More than 60% of adults drink wine on a regular basis.

Nat got his fine, regular features from his mother.

She was attractive rather than beautiful, with regular features and dark hair.

The exhibitions by young artists formed a regular feature of the London arts scene.

The Parent-Teacher Association has regular meetings every month.

The prison is inspected at regular intervals by government health officers.

What's the regular procedure for filing a complaint?


Another boy is in a regular private foster home.

At Shell stations, regular unleaded is about $ 1. 43 up from $ 1. 39.

From a Piagetian constructivist perspective, critical thinking is not fundamentally different from regular thinking.

Here at the Moredon Community Gardening Centre, there are regular classes on anything from hanging baskets to dried flower arranging.

In addition, the regular menu will be available for diners who have yet to be struck by Cupid's arrow.

There is a regular bus service into Oxford, easy access to the Ring Road and local shops in Wolvercote village.

These countries are able to practise open trading because their elephant herds are now big enough to demand regular culling.

II. noun


Early morning regulars were surprised to find the coffee shop closed.


But regulars are right behind the pink pub.

He and the rest of the Grill regulars would gladly grub the stumps out of the town lot with their own hands.

He never played in the same pub twice in the same month; even so, word got around among the regulars.

Joe became a regular on the circuit of social Washington.

Julie Riley and Paula Wilcox are excellent as the hard-bitten contestant regulars.

The regulars show up later, after supper.

The chances of recruiting enough regulars seemed slender in the conditions of overfull employment prevailing in Britain in the 1950s.

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