Meaning of REGULAR in English


n. 25B6; adjective

plant them at regular intervals : UNIFORM, even, consistent, constant, unchanging, unvarying, fixed.

a regular beat : RHYTHMIC, steady, even, uniform, constant, unchanging, unvarying.

the subject of regular protests : FREQUENT, repeated, continual, recurrent, periodic, constant, perpetual, numerous.

regular methods of business : ESTABLISHED, conventional, orthodox, proper, official, approved, bona fide, standard, usual, traditional, tried and tested.

a regular procedure : METHODICAL, systematic, structured, well ordered, well organized, orderly, efficient.

his regular route to work : USUAL, normal, customary, habitual, routine, typical, accustomed, established.

(informal, dated) he's a regular charmer : UTTER, real, absolute, complete, thorough, total, out-and-out, perfect; N. Amer. full-bore; Brit. informal right, proper; Austral./NZ informal fair.

erratic, occasional.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.