Meaning of REGULAR in English


adj. 1 routine, ordinary, common, everyday, customary, accustomed, wonted, commonplace, normal, usual, traditional, time-honoured, conventional, typical, habitual, natural, familiar, standard, predictable, scheduled, fixed, unvarying, invariable, methodical The attack occurred while Eric was taking his regular evening stroll 2 scheduled, routine, systematic, ordered, steady, consistent, rhythmic(al), automatic, uniform, periodic, cyclic(al); hourly, daily, weekly, hebdomadal, semi-weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, semi-monthly, monthly, bimonthly, seasonal, quarterly, semi-annual, annual The patrol made their regular rounds, as usual The printers' strike might delay regular publication of the magazine. 3 symmetrical, uniform, even, even-sided, equal-sided, equilateral, equal-angled, equiangular; harmonious Any six-sided plane figure is a hexagon, but if it has six equal angles and six sides equal in length, it is a regular hexagon 4 undistorted, even, well-proportioned, proportional, symmetrical, classic He was classically good-looking, with regular features 5 even, smooth, level, straight, uniform, uninterrupted, unvarying, continuous, flat, plane, plumb The surface of the wing is regular except for the spoilers 6 dependable, methodical, (well-)regulated, (well-)ordered, orderly; proper, correct, legal, official, bona fide, legitimate, established, recognized, orthodox, approved, Colloq kosher, OK or okay Everything about the council election was entirely regular 7 usual, expected, normal, habitual, accustomed, familiar Our regular doctor was on holiday, and we had to see a locum 8 acceptable, accepted, estimable, fine, good, likeable, popular, pleasant We all consider Bob to be a regular fellow and a friend 9 complete, utter, thoroughgoing, unmitigated, unalloyed, unqualified, consummate, perfect, thorough, absolute, well-known, acknowledged The man is a regular dunce when it comes to repairing cars 10 permanent, career She's in the regular navy 11 conventional, usual, common, conformable, ordinary, systematic, Colloq US ruly Regular English verbs form their past by the addition of -d or -ed to the infinitive

n. 12 fixture, habitué, (steady) customer, patron, client, frequenter Jan has been a regular at the Star and Garter pub for years

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