Meaning of BLOW in English


n. 25B6; verb

the icy wind blew around us : GUST, puff, flurry, blast, roar, bluster, rush, storm.

his ship was blown on to the rocks : SWEEP, carry, toss, drive, push, force.

leaves blew across the road : DRIFT, flutter, waft, float, glide, whirl, move.

he blew a smoke ring : EXHALE, puff; emit, expel, discharge, issue.

Uncle Albert was puffing and blowing : WHEEZE, puff, pant, gasp.

he blew a trumpet : SOUND, blast, toot, pipe, trumpet; play.

a rear tyre had blown : BURST, explode, blow out, split, rupture, puncture.

the bulb had blown : FUSE, short-circuit, burn out, break, go.

(informal) he blew his money on gambling : SQUANDER, waste, misspend, throw away, fritter away, go through, lose, lavish, dissipate, use up; spend recklessly; informal splurge; Brit. informal, dated blue.

(informal) don't blow this opportunity : SPOIL, ruin, bungle, mess up, fudge; WASTE, lose, squander; informal botch, muff, screw up, foul up; Brit. informal cock up, bodge.

his cover was blown : EXPOSE, reveal, uncover, disclose, divulge, unveil, betray, leak.

25B6; noun

a severe blow : GALE, storm, tempest, hurricane; wind, breeze, gust, draught, flurry.

a blow on the guard's whistle : TOOT, blast, blare; whistle.

25A0; blow out

the matches will not blow out in a strong wind : BE EXTINGUISHED, go out, be put out, stop burning.

the front tyre blew out. : See verb sense 7.

the windows blew out : SHATTER, rupture, crack, smash, splinter, disintegrate; burst, explode, fly apart; informal bust.

25A0; blow something out EXTINGUISH, put out, snuff, douse, quench, smother.

25A0; blow over ABATE, subside, drop off, lessen, ease (off), let up, diminish, fade, dwindle, slacken, recede, tail off, peter out, pass, die down, fizzle out.

25A0; blow up

a lorryload of shells blew up : EXPLODE, detonate, go off, ignite, erupt.

he blows up at whoever's in his way : LOSE ONE'S TEMPER, get angry, rant and rave, go berserk, flare up, erupt; informal go mad, go crazy, go wild, go ape, hit the roof, fly off the handle.

a crisis blew up : BREAK OUT, erupt, flare up, boil over; emerge, arise.

25A0; blow something up

they blew the plane up : BOMB, blast, destroy; explode, detonate.

blow up the balloons : INFLATE, pump up, fill up, puff up, swell, expand, aerate.

things get blown up out of all proportion : EXAGGERATE, overstate, overstress, overestimate, magnify, amplify; aggrandize, embellish, elaborate.

I blew the picture up on a photocopier : ENLARGE, magnify, expand, increase.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.