Meaning of SLACK in English


n. 25B6; adjective

the rope went slack : LOOSE, limp, hanging, flexible.

slack skin : FLACCID, flabby, loose, sagging, saggy.

business is slack : SLUGGISH, slow, quiet, slow-moving, flat, depressed, stagnant.

slack accounting procedures : LAX, negligent, remiss, careless, slapdash, sloppy, slipshod, lackadaisical, inefficient, casual; informal slap-happy.

tight, taut.

25B6; noun

the rope had some slack in it : LOOSENESS, play, give.

foreign demand will help pick up the slack : SURPLUS, excess, residue, spare capacity.

a little slack in the daily routine : LULL, pause, respite, break, hiatus, breathing space; informal let-up, breather.

25B6; verb

the horse slacked his pace : REDUCE, lessen, slacken, slow.

(Brit. informal) no slacking! : IDLE, shirk, be lazy, be indolent, waste time, lounge about; Brit. informal skive; N. Amer. informal goof off.

25A0; slack off

the rain has slacked off : DECREASE, subside, let up, ease off, abate, diminish, die down, fall off.

slack off a bit! : RELAX, take things easy, let up, ease up/off, loosen up, slow down; N. Amer. informal hang loose, chill out.

25A0; slack up the horse slacked up : SLOW (DOWN), decelerate, reduce speed.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.