Meaning of SLACK in English


adj. 1 remiss, careless, indolent, negligent, lax, lazy, idle, neglectful, delinquent, inattentive, otiose, dilatory, cunctatory, laggard, easygoing, slothful, sluggish, lethargic, shiftless, do-nothing, fainéant, Colloq asleep at the switch or the wheel, asleep on the job Production has fallen off because the workers are getting slack 2 loose, flabby, flaccid, soft, limp, baggy, drooping, droopy, bagging, sagging, floppy The flag hung down, slack in the still air

v. 3 Often, slack or slacken off or up. a let go, let run, let loose, release, slacken, loose, loosen, relax, ease (out or off), let up (on) Slack off the stern line a bit b slow (down or up), delay, reduce speed, tire, decline, decrease, diminish, moderate, abate, weaken Barnes could not keep up his terrific pace and is beginning to slack off Business has slackened off since Christmas. 4 neglect, shirk, Colloq Brit skive (off), US goof off, Chiefly military gold-brick, Taboo slang US fuck the dog Don't let the foreman find you slacking

n. 5 lull, pause, inactivity, cut-back, lessening, reduction, abatement, drop-off, downturn, diminution, decline, fall-off, decrease, dwindling How do you compensate for the slack in sales of ski equipment during the summer? 6 room, looseness, slackness, play, give: There's too much slack in that mooring line

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