Meaning of MODEL in English


■ noun

1》 a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing, typically on a smaller scale.

↘(in sculpture) a figure in clay or wax, to be reproduced in a more durable material.

2》 a thing used as an example to follow.

↘a person or thing that is an excellent example of a quality: she was a ~ of self-control.

3》 a person employed to display clothes by wearing them.

↘a person employed to pose for an artist, sculptor, etc.

4》 a particular version of a product.

↘a garment or a copy of a garment by a well-known designer.

5》 a simplified description, especially a mathematical one, of a system or process, to assist calculations and predictions.

■ verb ( ~s , ~ling , ~led ; US ~s , ~ing , ~ed )

1》 fashion or shape (a figure) in clay, wax, etc.

↘ Art cause to appear three-dimensional.

2》 ( ~ something on/after ) use as an example to follow or imitate.

3》 display (clothes) by wearing them.

↘work as a ~.

4》 devise a mathematical ~ of.


~ler noun

~ling noun


C16: from Fr. ~le , from Ital. ~lo , alt. of L. modulus (see modulus ).

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