Meaning of MODEL in English

I. mod ‧ el 1 S2 W1 /ˈmɒdl $ ˈmɑːdl/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Language: French ; Origin: modèle , from Old Italian modello , from Latin modulus ; ⇨ ↑ module ]

1 . SMALL COPY a small copy of a building, vehicle, machine etc, especially one that can be put together from separate parts

model of

They showed us a model of the building.

a working model (=one with parts which move) of a steam engine

2 . FASHION someone whose job is to show clothes, hair styles etc by wearing them at fashion shows or for photographs:

a top fashion model

a male model

3 . TYPE OF CAR ETC a particular type or design of a vehicle or machine:

Renault are introducing three new models at the show.

Our dishwasher is the latest model (=newest design) .

the 2.8 litre V6 model

4 . DESCRIPTION a computer representation or scientific description of something

model of

Scientists are building computer models of the ocean currents.

5 . SOMEBODY/SOMETHING TO COPY someone or something which people want to copy because they are successful or have good qualities

model for

It served as a model for other cities.

He used English medieval architecture as his model.

role model (=someone that you try to copy because they have qualities you would like to have)

Good teachers can act as positive role models.

6 . model of efficiency/virtue etc someone or something that has a lot of a good quality:

She was a model of honesty and decency.

7 . ART someone who is employed by an artist or photographer to be painted or photographed

• • •


■ a type of product

▪ brand the name of a type of product made by a company, especially one that you use every day such as food or cleaning products:

a survey to find out which brand of toothpaste people prefer


advertising for a well-known brand of cigarettes

▪ make a type of product made by a particular company – used especially about things such as machines, equipment, or cars:

'What make of car do you drive?' 'A Ford.'

▪ model one particular type or design of a vehicle, machine etc:

The new models are much faster.

II. model 2 BrE AmE adjective

1 . model aircraft/train/car etc a small copy of an aircraft, train etc, especially one that a child can play with or put together from separate parts:

He is playing with his model railway.

She builds model aeroplanes in her spare time.

2 . model wife/employee/student etc a wife, ↑ employee (=worker) etc who is considered to be good because they do everything they should SYN exemplary :

His lawyers tried to show him as a model husband and father.

3 . model prison/farm/school etc a prison etc that has been specially designed or organized to be as good as possible

III. model 3 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle modelled , present participle modelling British English , modeled , modeling American English )

1 . [intransitive and transitive] to wear clothes at a fashion show or in magazine photographs in order to show them to people:

She’s modeling Donna Karan’s fall collection.

Claire modelled for a few years when she was in her twenties.

2 . model yourself on somebody British English , model yourself after somebody American English to try to be like someone else because you admire them:

Jim had always modelled himself on his great hero, Martin Luther King.

3 . be modelled on something to be designed in a way that copies another system or way of doing something:

Their education system is modelled on the French one.

4 . [transitive] to do a computer representation or scientific description of a situation or event:

They used a computer to model the possible effects of global warming.

5 . [transitive] to make something by shaping clay, wood etc

—modeller noun [countable]

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