Meaning of MODEL in English

I. ˈmäd ə l noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French modelle, from Old Italian modello, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin modellus, from Latin modulus small measure, from modus measure, manner + -ulus

1. obsolete : a set of plans for a building to be erected or of drawings to scale for a structure already built ; also : a ground plan especially of a garden

we first survey the plot, then draw the model — Shakespeare

2. dialect Britain : a person or thing that exactly resembles another : copy , image

had my father's signet in my purse, which was the model of that Danish seal — Shakespeare

3. obsolete : something that encases or wraps around : mold

model to thy inward greatness, like little body with a mighty heart — Shakespeare

4. : structural design : pattern

built his home on the model of an old farmhouse

began his teaching by organizing a seminar on the German model — J.S.Bassett

providing for the founding of New Jersey towns on the New England model — American Guide Series: New Jersey

5. archaic : an abstract or summary of a written work : epitome


a. : a usually miniature three-dimensional representation of something existing in nature or constructed or to be constructed

a mile-long concrete model of the Mississippi valley — Time

a 15-foot model of a full-rigged ship — American Guide Series: Maryland

miniature, like some exquisite model seen through a glass case — Osbert Sitwell

b. : a representation in relief or three dimensions in plaster, papier-mâché, wood, plastic, or other material of a surface or solid

7. : something made in a usually pliable material (as clay or wax) and intended to serve as a pattern of an object or figure to be made in a more permanent material

made many models of the coin before he was satisfied with one

8. : a person or thing regarded as worthy of imitation : something perfect of its kind

brevity that renders both writers such valuable models to an age whose worst literary fault is diffuseness — Richard Garnett †1906

still remains a model of scientific argument — B.W.Bacon

his written addresses are models of clearness, logical order, and style — A.B.Noble

9. : a person or thing that serves as a pattern or source of inspiration for an artist or writer

his father was the model for one of the most famous characters in literature

especially : one who poses for an artist

his wife served as the model for many of his early paintings

10. : archetype

11. : an organism whose appearance a mimic imitates — compare mimicry

12. : one who is employed to display clothes or to appear in displays of other merchandise (as in a fashion show, in a photograph, or on television)

left school to go to work as a dress model in the garment district — Current Biography

he has appeared as a model in advertisements for cigars



(1) : a specific type or design of clothing

favors the Alaskan-trapper model with a high guard at the toe — R.L.Neuberger

(2) : an article of clothing (as a dress with a distinctive design)

girls, self-conscious in their Paris models — Paul Bowles

b. : a specific type or design of car

offers eight new models for next year, including a completely restyled convertible

c. : a modification or variation of a general type or mark of military equipment


a. : a description, a collection of statistical data, or an analogy used to help visualize often in a simplified way something that cannot be directly observed (as an atom)

b. : a theoretical projection in detail of a possible system of human relationships (as in economics, politics, or psychology) : blueprint

his model of an election procedure based on permanent personal registration reveals some of the problems to be solved

constructed the first of the world models of the present century — S.F.Mason


example , pattern , exemplar , paradigm , ideal , beau ideal , standard , mirror : model applies to something set up or held out as worthy of imitation, sometimes preeminently so

a workmen's compensation law which is still considered a model piece of legislation — Current Biography

models for the development of his own habitual responses to various situations — Ralph Linton

the very model of a modern major general — W.S.Gilbert

example applies chiefly to a person to be imitated or, in some contexts, emphatically not to be imitated since his case serves not as an inducement but as a warning

one of the immortal examples of a true man in a world of bounders, cowards, and squeaking specters — W.L.Sullivan

presents an example in modern department store designing — Retailing Daily

making the mutineers examples for the rest of the crew

pattern may suggest a clear or detailed archetype or prototype

many hymns that set the pattern for the stately hymnology of the American Protestant Church — American Guide Series: New Jersey

the ancient pattern of life had been woven continuously for so many centuries that even illiterate farmers knew how to be courtly and dignified at family celebrations or at the great yearly festivals — John Blofeld

exemplar indicates either a faultless example to be emulated or a perfect typification

Christianity was primarily an ethical system; Christ was its great teacher and exemplar; and to be a Christian meant to conduct one's life in accordance with the principles which governed Him — A.C.McGiffert

the living exemplar of tragedy as the human lot — V.S.Pritchett

paradigm , now rare in this sense, may suggest an exemplar of a perfection impossible or unusual in reality

a love worthy of being a paradigm of the cosmic relation of universal matter and universal form, this all-comprising power, cannot be a vague feeling — F.P.Bargebuhr

ideal indicates the best possible exemplification either in reality or in a mental conception

he had the courage and rebelliousness of his … cousins too much on his mind; they were his ideal — Glenway Wescott

a multitude of stories and traditions grew up around his name, to be interpreted according to the hearers' own ideals of personality and education — D.E.Smith

beau ideal sometimes is taken to mean “beautiful ideal”

the very beau ideal of a perfect government is the government of a majority, acting through a representative body — J.C.Calhoun

standard may indicate that which embodies criteria for excellence and sets a high example for emulation

the ideal of general cultivation has been one of the standards in education — C.W.Eliot

human life on earth cannot continue unless we ordinary men and women can manage to practice these virtues up to a far higher standard — A.J.Toynbee

mirror was once often used to mean a model of perfection

bounteous Buckingham, the mirror of all courtesy — Shakespeare

II. verb

( modeled or modelled ; modeled or modelled ; modeling or modelling -d( ə )liŋ ; models )

transitive verb

1. : to plan or form after a pattern : frame , shape

modeled a double-decked steamboat — Waldemar Kaempffert

2. archaic : to make into an organization (as an army, government, or parish)


a. : to shape or fashion in a pliable material (as clay, wax, or dampened leather)

a file of plasticene animals modeled by the little girls — Elizabeth Bowen

b. : to give a three-dimensional appearance to in painting or drawing especially by means of chiaroscuro

models the head so that it seems to stand out from the canvas

c. : to emphasize the three-dimensional qualities of (a photographic subject) by means of highlights and shadows

a modeling light for portraiture

use shadows to lend interest to the scene, to model it, give it emphasis — Aaron Sussman

4. : to construct or fashion in imitation of a particular model

modeled its constitution on that of the U.S.

as for the speeches to Congress, they were palpably modeled upon the speeches from the throne of the English kings — H.L.Mencken

5. : to display by wearing, using, or posing with

modeled her inaugural gowns at a fashion show — New York Times

famous for modeling refrigerators and other appliances

intransitive verb

1. : to design or imitate forms : make a pattern

she enjoys modeling in clay

2. : to work or act as a model

asked each contestant … to model before the judges' enclosure — Lillian Ross

III. adjective

: serving as or capable of serving as a model

a model house

a model husband

a model farm

IV. noun

1. : a system of postulates, data, and inferences presented as a mathematical description of an entity or state of affairs ; also : a computer simulation based on such a system

climate models

2. : version : equivalent

3. : animal model herein

V. transitive verb

: to produce a representation or simulation of

using a computer to model a problem

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