Meaning of MODEL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈmɔdl ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a representation in three dimensions of an existing person or thing or of a proposed structure, esp. on a smaller scale (often attrib.: a model train). 2 a simplified (often mathematical) description of a system etc., to assist calculations and predictions. 3 a figure in clay, wax, etc., to be reproduced in another material. 4 a particular design or style of a structure or commodity, esp. of a car. 5 a an exemplary person or thing (a model of self-discipline). b (attrib.) ideal, exemplary (a model student). 6 a person employed to pose for an artist or photographer or to display clothes etc. by wearing them. 7 a garment etc. by a well-known designer, or a copy of this. --v. (modelled, modelling; US modeled, modeling) 1 tr. a fashion or shape (a figure) in clay, wax, etc. b (foll. by after, on, etc.) form (a thing in imitation of). 2 a intr. act or pose as a model. b tr. (of a person acting as a model) display (a garment). 3 tr. devise a (usu. mathematical) model of (a phenomenon, system, etc.). 4 tr. Painting cause to appear three-dimensional. øømodeller n. [F modelle f. It. modello ult. f. L modulus: see MODULUS]

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