Meaning of MOUNT in English


~ 1

■ verb

1》 climb up or on to; ascend.

↘(of a male animal) get on (a female) for the purpose of copulation.

2》 get up on (an animal or bicycle) in order to ride it.

↘set on horseback; provide with a horse.

3》 grow larger, more numerous, or more intense: the costs ~ up when you buy a home.

4》 organize and initiate (a course of action, public event, etc.).

5》 set up (a barrier, stall, etc.).

6》 fix in position or on a support.

↘(with reference to a photograph or picture) set in or attach to a backing.

↘fix (a specimen) on a microscopic slide.

■ noun

1》 a backing on which a picture or photograph is set for display.

↘a stamp hinge.

2》 a support for a piece of equipment.

3》 a horse used for riding.

4》 a microscope slide.


~ guard keep watch.


~able adjective

~ed adjective

~er noun

~ing noun


ME: from OFr. munter , based on L. mons , mont- '~ain'.


~ 2

■ noun archaic or in place names a ~ain or hill: Mount Everest.


OE munt , from L. mons , mont- '~ain'.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.