Meaning of MOUNT in English


I. verb


attempt/mount a rescue (= try to rescue someone )

The stormy conditions made it impossible to mount a rescue.

growing/mounting concern

Growing concern has been expressed over the pollution of the North Sea.

growing/mounting criticism

The government was faced with mounting criticism at home and abroad.

growing/mounting excitement

The children waited with growing excitement.

growing/mounting opposition (= opposition that is increasing )

There was growing opposition to the war.

growing/mounting unrest

Rocketing unemployment led to growing unrest in the country.

growing/mounting/rising panic (= increasing panic )

She quickly packed a bag, trying all the time to control her mounting panic.

growing/rising/mounting anger

There is growing anger among drivers over the rise in fuel prices.

hold/mount/stage an exhibition formal (= have an exhibition )

Hayward Gallery is mounting an impressive exhibition of new British artists.

hold/stage/mount a protest

Opponents of the plan have staged several protests.

increasing/growing/mounting/rising tension

There are reports of increasing tension in some areas.

increasing/mounting anxiety

There is mounting anxiety about the rise in violent crime.

increasing/mounting pressure

There was increasing pressure on the Chancellor to cut petrol tax.

launch/mount a campaign (= begin a campaign )

They have launched a campaign to end world poverty.

launch/mount a search (= start a search )

A massive search was launched for the former soldier.

lead/mount an attack

The King now prepared to mount an attack on Granada.

mount/launch an expedition (= plan, organize, and begin an expedition )

Ornithologists are mounting an expedition to the island in order to study the birds.

stage/mount/launch a coup (= attempt one )

Later that year, the rebels staged an unsuccessful coup.

take/make/mount a stand (against sth)

We have to take a stand against racism.




The police mounted an early-morning assault on his office, and Mr Bucaram came running out with his hands up.

Jones mounted a quick two-fisted assault and the title changed hands in those brief, dramatic seconds.

The idea of secular power in itself meant little before the propagandists of the eleventh-century papal reform mounted their assault on it.


Three men had mounted an incompetent attack on Trent at Bacalar.

Prevention is quiet, but politicians who mount all-out attacks on symptoms generate great publicity.

Instead, the Republicans are expected to mount legal attacks on the environmental measures.

He then turned on the assembled crowd and mounted a scathing verbal attack on them.

North overcame the West 2-0 rather more easily, West hardly mounting a worthwhile attack .

No Soviet figure, let alone such a prominent one, had ever mounted such an attack in the Western press.

They said the case was prejudiced by a campaign by the Communist party to mount a political attack on Fiat.


However, if we continue to have a milder climate, it could mount a takeover bid in the garden.

Conservative Washington commentator Patrick Buchanan, 58, is a perennial contender, having mounted losing bids in 1992 and this year.

They would rather mount their own bid .

A crucial factor upon which it will depend is the speed at which management-employee buy-out teams can mount bids .

The fans are mounting their own bid for a voice in the game.

Tomkins shares fell 7p to 276p on fears it is planning to mount a bid .


A £1 million campaign had been mounted against pro-field sports candidates.

At length, criticism of the Smokey Bear campaign began to mount .

A very much smaller advertising campaign was therefore mounted in the press and on commercial television.

I shall call him Jack, the man we watched slowly disintegrate as the excitement of the campaign mounted .

Such a campaign should be mounted by the Home Office and not left simply to chief constables.


It costs many hundreds of thousands to mount a challenge like this.

Above all, the Arts and Crafts movement mounted a moral challenge to the modern project.

Today they were given approval to mount a High Court Challenge over the coroner's conduct.

Moving quickly to mount the strongest possible challenge for the seat long held by Sen.

Also Tuesday, opposition leaders said they will mount a new challenge to riot police blocking protest marches.

We were a shot over in the second round and I began to wonder whether he would be mounting a serious challenge .

It did not mount a sustained challenge against globally-organised capitalism, concentrated state power or even prevailing discrimination against homosexuals.


Small debts could rapidly mount up and begin to exert intolerable pressure on the relationship between husband and wife. 1.

And as debt mounts up, so too do the debt interest payments.


He mounted the slope with effort , breathing hard.

And leaders of both parties have been discouraging their rank-and-file from mounting other efforts to challenge the committee recommendation.

To mount a significant space effort takes decades.


But there is no evidence that he mounted a critique of the position in which women were placed in his society.

Indirect evidence of mounting demographic pressure is also provided by the steady destruction of the forests.

But evidence is mounting that Ecstasy can cause permanent brain damage.

Although the evidence was mounting that leprosy was contagious, the view was not unanimously held.

The report investigated seven cases in detail, and in four of them said there was sufficient evidence to mount a prosecution.

The two probes were merged as evidence of misspent funds mounted .

Introduction Evidence has mounted that the incidence of childhood leukaemia can be increased by population mixing, particularly in a rural area.

No one knew by whom but the circumstantial evidence seemed to be mounting up.


To mark the completion of the inventory, the Museum is mounting an exhibition which runs until 19 July.

From time to time, though, he would mount an exhibition .

The director Peter Volkwein plans to mount exhibitions and encourage symposia, discussions and concerts of concrete music.

A decision to mount temporary, changing exhibitions should help resolve this problem.


A groan burst from his lips as he mounted his horse , and for a second the world swam before his eyes.

Russell mounted his horse , rode off, and rode back at full gallop toward the trailer.

Sharpe wearily mounted his fresh horse .

Quickly the king's son mounted his horse again and rode back over forty-nine kingdoms.

He had mounted the Dragoon's horse and was leading the tired mare by her reins.

Knight, mounting his horse , wearing chain mail of the type developed from eastern sources during Barbarossa's reign.

Scathach led the way to the gate, pulled it down again and mounted his own horse .

Now, when you mount a horse , you simply push your boot in to the stirrup.


Officers mounted the operation to compile evidence against seven men from around the North-East allegedly involved in the conspiracy.

The next morning, we mounted another operation .

I'd naively thought they could mount some low-profile operation to catch Andy watching his own funeral.

But, on the second day, the police mounted a paramilitary-style operation to clear the entrance forcibly.

They may experience rather more difficulty in mounting a similar operation against Kilkenny, though.


The car mounted a pavement , struck a wall, hit the children and smashed into a lamppost.

It mounted a pavement , smashed a lamp-post and ended up on its roof in the middle of the road.

The woman suffered head injuries after she was mowed down by a car which mounted the pavement .

I swung Armstrong to the right and mounted the pavement on my side, not more than twenty feet from him.

With the scream of a falling bomb the car mounted the pavement and crossed it on to the road the other side.

The pursuer threw himself aside as the vehicle mounted the pavement , slamming into a lamp-post.


Meanwhile, the pressure to drop Hick mounts .

This danger, and with it speculative pressures , mounts each time doubts arise that the Maastricht treaty will be ratified.

The news leaked out last weekend, and pressure has mounted on the justice minister, Oliviero Diliberto, to investigate.

Last night pressure was mounting on Buckingham Palace to officially confirm or deny the claims.

The sense of pressure was mounting .


It will mount productions in West End theatres, and hopes to sign star actors to short-term contracts.

He promised to mount a production of one of our choices.

It didn't work, and we're going to mount another production before spring of next year.

The firm is aware of the problem and will fit rubber-mounted bars on production models.


Angela Phillips, 1998 daring to mount street protests against the sending of their menfolk into war zones.


He phoned an animal helpline, which got the Devon moor's rangers to mount a search .

Seventy five officers - some armed - mounted a search .


He crossed the landing and mounted the narrow stairs to the attics.

Sometime in the night Katie wandered upstairs, and Nadal followed, mounting the stairs silently.

In the end I gave in and reluctantly mounted the narrow stairs .

Once under drugs, granny rose from her ground-floor death bed and with uncontrollable strength began to mount the stairs .

In a lull, she drifted up to see to the babies, but misjudged mounting the stair .

He began to mount the uncarpeted stairs .

He sighed deeply then mounted the stairs and looked around him slowly.

As Big Ben struck two little Alistair mounted the stairs .


But if tensions mount and interest rates rise, the cost of non-interest-bearing deposits would rise in parallel.

As tension between his parents mounted , Scott, who was then about three, began to get more belligerent and combative.

They were running through thickly forested country, and tension began to mount in the car.

As the tension mounted , Mr Newhouse himself began firing people with little warning.

As the tension mounted , Mal Donaghy and Le Saux were booked for rash challenges.

A crowd formed. Tension mounted .

List the particular circumstances which cause frustration and stressful tension to mount .

The predominant sensation is one of tension , which steadily mounts until it becomes unbearable.


Ample space for large breakfast table. Wall mounted central heating controls.

One built-in meter cupboard. Wall mounted electric heater.

The controls of Deborah's machinery were wall mounted , it was Geoffrey himself who had designed this.

Power points. Wall mounted electric heater.

Secondary double glazed window with views over the golf course. wall mounted electric heater.

Built-in airing cupboard. Wall mounted electric heater.



Once under drugs, granny rose from her ground-floor death bed and with uncontrollable strength began to mount the stairs.

At length, criticism of the Smokey Bear campaign began to mount .

This little group begins to mount a hill.

The costs had begun to mount significantly by 1975.

They were running through thickly forested country, and tension began to mount in the car.

He began to mount the uncarpeted stairs.

Twelve rocks, well rounded from previous use, began to mount above each other in a crazy mushroom shape.

The other factor was public opinion, and pressure from opposition groups began to mount .


In addition we will continue to mount major specials to ensure the big issues of the day are thoroughly explained and debated.

Even the lag in educational attainment that continued to mount from the late 1970s did not account for the differences.

Lack of Administrative Communication Job anxieties within the entire contingent continued , and dissatisfaction mounted .

Their frustration continued to mount , prompting the March demonstration.


Fuel costs were really starting to mount up, so I felt I had to contribute something.

But as the General Election approaches, problems start to mount .

Problems started to mount for the G8 leaders in the 1990s, but they failed to respond to the challenge.


Anxiety about job security mounted at the plant after profits fell by 68%.

As the dispute continues, tension is mounting on the border between the two countries.

Can you help Shelly mount ?

Costs on the project have been mounting up steadily.

Farmers' anxiety over the drought has mounted.

He mounted the pony and rode off.

Newlin is mounting a campaign against drunk drivers.

Reporters shouted questions as Mayor Bradley mounted the steps of City Hall.

She mounted and rode off.

The Tokyo prosecutor's office rarely mounts a case it cannot win.


Haig and Kendall scrambled into their kit as they mounted the engine.

Some guys mounted extended laterals, extended driving sticks.

The crossover is mounted behind the terminal panel at the top rear of the cabinet.

The opposition mounted, but Johnson was probably right in asserting that its strength was overstated.

Westman says he is genuinely optimistic about our ability to solve our mounting social problems.

II. noun


After a while, with their mounts winded, they halted.

Dimly making out figures, he leant forward on his mount , and a volley of fire tore him to the ground.

He cursed, and spurred his long-suffering mount onwards again.

Her unfortunate mount was shocked enough without the sound of any loud voices.

I don't want them stabling their mounts here, it'd be too conspicuous.

Solis was lucky to pick up the mount .

While the inside pairs of animals gently rise and fall, the outside ring mounts are proudly stationary.

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