Meaning of MOUNT in English


1. v. & n.


1. tr. ascend or climb (a hill, stairs, etc.).

2 tr. a get up on (an animal, esp. a horse) to ride it. b set (a person) on horseback. c provide (a person) with a horse. d (as mounted adj.) serving on horseback (mounted police).

3 tr. go up or climb on to (a raised surface).

4 intr. a move upwards. b (often foll. by up) increase, accumulate. c (of a feeling) become stronger or more intense (excitement was mounting). d (of the blood) rise into the cheeks.

5 tr. (esp. of a male animal) get on to (a female) to copulate.

6 tr. (often foll. by on) place (an object) on an elevated support.

7 tr. a set in or attach to a backing, setting, or other support. b attach (a picture etc.) to a mount or frame. c fix (an object for viewing) on a microscope slide.

8 tr. a arrange (a play, exhibition, etc.) or present for public view or display. b take action to initiate (a programme, campaign, etc.).

9 tr. prepare (specimens) for preservation.

10 tr. a bring into readiness for operation. b raise (guns) into position on a fixed mounting.

11 intr. rise to a higher level of rank, power, etc.


1. a backing, setting, or other support on which a picture etc. is set for display.

2 the margin surrounding a picture or photograph.

3 a a horse available for riding. b an opportunity to ride a horse, esp. as a jockey.

4 stamp-hinge (see HINGE).

Phrases and idioms:

mount guard (often foll. by over) perform the duty of guarding; take up sentry duty.


mountable adj. mounter n.

Etymology: ME f. OF munter, monter ult. f. L (as MOUNT(2)) 2. n. archaic (except before a name): mountain, hill (Mount Everest; Mount of Olives).

Etymology: ME f. OE munt & OF mont f. L mons montis mountain

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