Meaning of MOUNT in English


[mount] n [ME, fr. OE munt & OF mont, both fr. L mont-, mons; akin to W mynydd mountain, L minari to project, threaten] (bef. 12c) 1: a high hill: mountain--used esp. before an identifying name "Mount Everest"

2. archaic: a protective earthwork

3: mound 2a(1)

[2]mount vb [ME, fr. MF monter, fr. (assumed) VL montare, fr. L mont-, mons] vi (14c) 1: rise, ascend

2: to increase in amount or extent "expenses began to ~"

3: to get up on something above the level of the ground; esp: to seat oneself (as on a horse) for riding ~ vt 1 a: to go up: climb b (1): to seat or place oneself on (2): cover 6a

2. a: to lift up: raise b (1): to put or have (as artillery) in position (2): to have as equipment c (1): to organize and equip (an attacking force) "~ an army" (2): to launch and carry out (as an assault or a campaign)

3: to set on something that elevates

4. a: to cause to get on a means of conveyance b: to furnish with animals for riding

5: to post or set up for defense or observation "~ed some guards"

6. a: to attach to a support b: to arrange or assemble for use or display

7. a: to prepare (as a specimen) for examination or display b: to prepare and supply with the materials necessary for performance or execution: produce "~ an opera" -- adj -- n [3]mount n (15c) 1: an act or instance of mounting; specif: an opportunity to ride a horse in a race

2: frame, support: as a: the material (as cardboard) on which a picture is mounted b: a jewelry setting c (1): an undercarriage or part on which a device (as a motor or an artillery piece) rests in service (2): an attachment for an accessory d: a hinge, card, or acetate envelope for mounting a stamp e: a glass slide with its accessories on which objects are placed for examination with a microscope

3: a means of conveyance; esp: saddle horse

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