Meaning of MOUNT in English


n. 1 See mountain, 1, below.

v. 2 climb (up), go up, ascend, scale, clamber up, make one's way up We mounted the ladder to the roof The speaker mounted the dais. 3 rise (up), arise, soar, fly (up), rocket (upwards) With the salmon in its grasp, the eagle mounted to the sky 4 climb or get or clamber up on, bestride, straddle, bestraddle The gunfighter mounted his horse and rode off 5 (put on) display, (put on) exhibit, put on exhibition, present, install or instal, stage, prepare, ready, put on, put in place, set up; arrange, coordinate, compose, organize, set in motion, launch The gallery will mount a show of John's sculpture next spring They have mounted a major advertising campaign for their face cream. 6 frame, mat or matt, set off This print should be mounted using an olive green paper 7 increase, wax, rise, escalate, intensify, swell, expand, grow, mount up, multiply, pile up, build up, accumulate Complaints have been mounting against the vulgar language heard on prime-time TV

n. 8 backing, setting, support, mounting, background, set, arrangement, backdrop, scene This style of mount sets off the ruby to its best advantage 9 horse, steed, charger, palfrey Her mount was a grey mare

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