Meaning of TYPE in English

■ noun

1》 a category of people or things having common characteristics.

↘ informal a person of a specified character or nature: two sporty ~s in tracksuits.

↘ Linguistics an abstract category or class of linguistic item or unit. Contrasted with token .

2》 a person or thing symbolizing or exemplifying the defining characteristics of something.

3》 printed characters or letters.

↘a piece of metal with a raised letter or character on its upper surface, for use in letterpress printing.

↘such pieces collectively.

4》 a design on either side of a medal or coin.

5》 Theology a foreshadowing in the Old Testament of a person or event of the Christian dispensation.

■ verb

1》 write using a ~writer or computer.

2》 Medicine determine the ~ to which (a person or their blood or tissue) belongs.


in ~ Printing composed and ready for printing.


typal adjective

typing noun


C15: from Fr., or from L. typus , from Gk tupos 'impression, figure, ~'.

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