Meaning of TYPE in English

I. noun


a grammatical/spelling/typing error

You lose marks if your paper contains spelling errors.

a type/form of exercise

This type of exercise is excellent for losing weight.

blood type

different types/kinds etc

There are many different types of fabric.

distinct types/groups/categories etc

There are four distinct types.

kind/type/sort of person

David was not the sort of person who found it easy to talk about his feelings.

sb's blood type/group (= one of the different types of human blood )

What blood type are you?

some kind/type/form/sort of sth

We can hopefully reach some kind of agreement.

the strong silent type (= a man who looks strong and does not talk very much )

typing pool




There will also be deep-seated reasons why certain types of behaviour elicit strong responses in others.

In the human management of distributed control, hierarchies of a certain type will proliferate rather than diminish.

They can provide certain types of services more effectively than the statutory sector.

Meats that come hot to the table from charcoal and gas grills have an affinity for certain types of wine.

A degree of violence might also be sufficient to control certain types of behaviour for which conviction was difficult or unlikely.

Once the criteria for the research methods were established it was possible to rule out certain types of approach.

In the case of horizontally separated zones and certain types of racking this would be particularly difficult by normal means of observation.

Only certain types of property normally come to auction, however.


Different types of behaviour are suited to different types of measurement.

Obesity is a cause of three different types of cancer in women.

It is important that the instructions are followed carefully in view of the many different types of fibres and finishes used in modem fabrics.

There are different types of gospel music.

In fact water can form at least nine different types of ice crystal.

But it is a different type of pressure than you heard about in 1985.

Area analysis can be used to provide a company with information about the different types of people living in a particular area.

In that practice you will discover different ways of obtaining the information to suit the different types of cases.


In general it was almost exclusively extreme right-wing elements who were first involved, but they tended to be of two distinct types .

There are ten distinct types of glycogen storage diseases and all of them are rare.

These two distinct types of lens source have always coexisted; it is the balance between they that has changed.

Indexing languages may be of three distinct types: 1.

Over the centuries these became distinct in type and are now known as Night Goblins.

In adults there seem to be two anatomically distinct types of stomach.

In both window tracery and vaulting designs there are, despite many variations, two distinct types of pattern.

Surprisingly, the origin of these two distinct types of stomach is unknown.


The other main rift type is to be found orientated approximately at right angles to the strike of intercontinental collision orogens.

Here he outlines a division into four main types that correspond to those of Longobardi as supplemented by Sainte-Marie.

There are three main types of audit.

In the case of such groups there are, I think, three main types of relation to practical politics.

There are three main types of prevention, known as primary, secondary and tertiary.

Two main types of lease exist, financial and operating.

But in general the architecture of the area divides itself clearly in the period 1200-1600 into two main types .

There are many possible uses for staff and learners of each of the main types of office software.


But in 1940, nobody was looking for a new type of cooker.

An Indiana entrepreneur has designed a new type of towel rack that fits behind a door.

There are occasional signs of attempts by Downing Street to infiltrate a new type of person into the ranks of the lieutenancy.

In short, information-based business transactions are creating new ways of doing business and even new types of business.

The recompense is meagre, but when combined with ideological enthusiasm it helps sustain a new type of local politician.

Curteys was a new type , learned, reforming and zealous, a man with a consummate lack of tact.

It was the women, in fact, who provided stability for this new type of community.

Once formed, this new type of state flourished, I would argue, for two closely connected reasons.


Consequently, the fall in demand for building materials and construction workers will generate downward multiplier effects on other types of investment.

He thrives on less sleep than the other types .

Apart from marriages between the big and the quick there are many other types of alliances.

With the other type switch on and off is non-automatic.

If it proves as successful as its developer, Ramtron, claims, it could replace all other types of data storage.

As we have seen they may involve other types of expert as well.

Therefore, other types of formula diets without such drawbacks have been assessed.

Statute provides an appeals procedure against deportation, the non renewal of residence permits and other types of restrictions.


Do you find that it is a particular type of child who tends to come up in front of you?

What ties are there between this particular type of school performance and family relationships?

Commentators who are too committed to particular types of action limit their appeal.

The shorter ones among them generally limit themselves to praise-affirmations but do not as yet have any particular type of conclusion.

Many insects have particular types of place where they congregate for mating.

Each is specifically designed to solve a particular type of problem.

The role of the noise is to make it more difficult for particular types to unambiguously signal their information.

But convenience is rated as the most important factor in deciding on a particular type of credit by the great majority.


The rest of this section will illustrate various types of mismatch of vocabulary.

In recent years, however, banks have introduced various types of interest-bearing sight account.

Trinucleid trilobites, with various types of fringe, are characteristic of Ordovician rocks.

Indirectly, the titles given to various types imply that distinctions were considered possible.

Polymers - there are various types , such as silicone polymers which cling to the hair with effective conditioning benefits.

The endoscopic concept of visible vessel includes several stages of the same lesion and even various types of lesions.

Gilder's literature survey contains a useful summary of information on the costs of relegation and various types of storage.


all sorts/kinds/types of sth

After that, they subjected me to all kinds of examinations and procedures.

At that special level all sorts of odd things happened...

Damaged anemones are open to all sorts of bacterial diseases which can be fatal.

No one company offers the best or worst deals in all countries or for all types of car.

Now here was Lisa, claiming her innocence, claiming all sorts of prosecutorial abuse.

Now, all kinds of marvellous technologies are used to read the message of the nucleic acids.

Producers are obstructed by governments in all sorts of ways, but enterprises are, by and large, private.

There are all sorts of machines being developed to upgrade security.

bad lot/sort/type

And yes, I know, even as a spectator, I was condoning the worst sort of behavior.

But maybe that is the worst sort of wishful thinking.

Domestic violence is insanity of the worst sort.

He was a bad lot and it was just one of those things.

I left to live with a boyfriend, who turned out to be a bad lot.

If so, San Diego was among the worst of a bad lot.

If they do not, they will be guilty of the worst sort of hypocrisy.

The city's school system, among the worst of a bad lot through the state, is full of squabbling.

outdoor type

I arrived at Skaftafell to find several groups of campers, all wild-eyed outdoor types, I suppose not unlike me.

Tailored suits are teamed with polo-shirts and, if he's the outdoor type, there are pages of sports-inspired casual wear.

You should only leave 3 or 4 trusses to ripen on standard outdoor types.

the exact colour/moment/type etc

But prosecutors in the Anwar Ibrahim indecency trial knew the exact moment of the chauffeur's trauma.

He looked up at the screen at the exact moment Rocky gave himself the name he would henceforth carry.

I can tell you the exact moment he fell in love with her.

I was then sure that the brush was holding the exact colour the painting required.

It is difficult to trace the exact moment at which he decided that the military situation was hopeless.

The user has to judge the exact moment to stop.

true to form/type

And true to form Graham Sale lost no time in capitalising on an opportunity presenting Douglas Hurd with his own clock.

At Peniel the blessing runs true to form.

It is not really worth saving seeds from F1 hybrids or from most fruit varieties as these rarely reproduce true to type.

Now to see if he is true to form.

Only Joffre himself, true to form, seemed unaffected by it all.

Such subtlety would be true to form for a scorpion, after all.

Unlike other cereals, rye is cross-fertilized and does not remain true to type.

With luck, this one would run true to form.


bold type

Hutchins has been writing novels of this type for years.

Marion says she'll do some typing for us.

Rosa has trouble finding cosmetics for her skin type .

the artistic type

The second woman was a grandmotherly type .

We need a secretary with good typing speeds.


As a result, several general types of college of higher education evolved.

Does the organization have a track record of success in initiatives of this type ?

Here again, there are many quite ordinary terms for the internal parts of discourse types.

His colleague Gwyn Meirion-Jones, had been working on various building types beginning with peasant houses.

Sam hoped he wasn't one of those New Age mystical types.

Soon she pulled into the driveway of her house, a modest brick ranch type fringing the edges of her voting district.

Today, a well-known, but primitive, type of ego-defence exists, termed identification with the aggressor.

II. verb




Once you have typed the command the quiz displays output as though the command had actually been executed.


She complies, and the marketing firm has her answers typed into a computer .

Favorite recipes can be typed into the computer , organized by category and found quickly through a search function.

Just type it into your computer , then call it back when you need it.


He did the typing for the documents on his machine at school.


The surname should be written or typed in block letters followed by the title of the guest, and then the initials.

Please type or print your letters and keep them brief.

Then he sat down and typed a letter to every agony aunt he had ever heard of.

She had typed the letter immediately and then had run it upstairs for his signature.

We might compare: The professor is typing his own letters for the time being.

Six months later I sat at my desk typing a letter .

He typed all his own letters .

It is a typed double-spaced letter of two and a half pages.


Anyone could have typed that message and his initial, she realised with dismay.

It happens via electronic mail, in discussion groups and particularly in chat areas, where people type messages to each other.

The natural communication system for humans is speech, not typing messages on keyboards and watching messages on television screens.

Avatars can even chat by typing messages to each other.

Text chat is a generic term for communicating in real time over the Net using your keyboard to type messages .


You gain access to your data by typing in a user name and password.

These command-line systems forced you to type the entire name of the file you wanted to open.

These stands can hold several hundred strips, on which are typed the guest's name , initials, room number.

He rolled in a sheet of paper and standing next to Sam began to type: My name is Sam Fermoyle.


The user should type the number of the required option at the Your Option prompt.

Otherwise, pick 2, 3, 4 or 5 and type the number and then Go&038;.

Such information as there was was typed in a number of different typefaces but all with fading ribbons.

Notice that as you type the number , the characters shift to the left, instead of the the right as normal.

A politically appointed typist could be required to type the same number of words a minute as the civil service typist.


It is very easy to switch on toggles by accident, causing unexpected problems when typing in text .

Most word processors had an input mode; when you were in that mode, you could type in new text .

She could type a complicated text and scrutinize a visitor at the same time.

Press Enter, press F4 twice to indent the next paragraph I inch, and type the following text . 8.

Press Enter, press F4 three times, and type the following text . 9.


The first thing to do is just type the word into the address window of your browser.

To ferret out only whole words , press the spacebar once before and once after typing the search word.

As you type , word wrap will take effect at character position 39, the right margin of the first column.

Instead of typing a word to start a program, you clicked on an icon.

The closest competitor the whole day was Arpaio, who earlier typed 44 words per minute.


Bring up the customer database, and type in the amount on the invoice.

Could you type those letters for me?

I'm afraid I don't type very fast.

I asked Michelle to type up my assignment so I could mail it in today.

I don't know how to type .

These letters still need to be typed.

We'll have someone type it out and put it in alphabetical order.


A young policeman in a leather jacket painfully, letter by letter, typed my losses on an ancient machine.

I had no idea what I was typing and would leave the office each day disorientated and dizzy with the effort.

Please type or print your letters and keep them brief.

Press Tab to indent the first line, then type the following paragraph.

She complies, and the marketing firm has her answers typed into a computer.

So: you type it out on an electric typewriter on A4 or A5 size paper.

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