Meaning of COUNTRY in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈkʌntrɪ ]

n. (pl. -ies) 1 a the territory of a nation with its own government; a State. b a territory possessing its own language, people, culture, etc. 2 (often attrib.) rural districts as opposed to towns or the capital (a cottage in the country; a country town). 3 the land of a person's birth or citizenship; a fatherland. 4 a a territory, esp. an area of interest or knowledge. b a region associated with a particular person, esp. a writer (Hardy country). 5 Brit. a national population, esp. as voters (the country won't stand for it). øacross country not keeping to roads. country-and-western rural or cowboy songs originating in the US, and usu. accompanied by a guitar etc. country club a sporting and social club in a rural setting. country cousin often derog. a person with a countrified appearance or manners. country dance a traditional sort of dance, esp. English, with couples facing each other in long lines. country gentleman a gentleman with landed property. country house a usu. large house in the country, often the seat of a country gentleman. country music = country-and-western. country party a political party supporting agricultural interests. country seat a large country house belonging to an aristocratic family. country-wide extending throughout a nation. go (or appeal) to the country Brit. test public opinion by dissolving Parliament and holding a general election. in the country Cricket sl. far from the wickets; in the deep field. line of country a subject about which a person is knowledgeable. unknown country an unfamiliar place or topic. [ME f. OF cuntree, f. med.L contrata (terra) (land) lying opposite (CONTRA)]

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