Meaning of COUNTRY in English


I. ˈkən.trē, -ri noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English cuntree, contree, from Old French contrée, from Medieval Latin contrata landscape, country, literally, that which is situated opposite the beholder, from Latin contra against, on the opposite side + -ata (feminine of -atus -ate) — more at counter


a. : an expanse of land of undefined but usually considerable extent : region , district

the North country

b. : a district or area marked by some distinguishing feature

hill country

Indian country

tobacco country

bad country for walking

c. : land

much country sown to grass


a. : the land of a person's origin, birth, residence, or citizenship : motherland or home region

in my own country

b. : a political state or nation : the territory of a usually independent nation that is distinct as to name and the characteristics or attributes of its people

the country of Mexico

c. : area of interest or affiliation : sphere

the borderline country between aesthetics and psychology — Kathleen Raine


a. : the people of a state or district : populace , citizenry

the Hunt Fête … drew the entire country — Elizabeth Bowen

b. : the jury by which a defendant is tried — used especially in legal phrases

the litigant puts himself upon his country

tried by God and his country

c. : the electorate regarded as the authority to which political controversy may be appealed

the government will go to the country with this issue

4. : rural regions as distinguished from city, town, or other thickly inhabited and built-up areas

walk out in the country


a. : a region of the ocean

b. : the part of a ship especially in the United States Navy near officers' cabins

wardroom country

admiral's country

6. cricket : outfield

7. or country rock : the rock in which a mineral deposit or intrusion is enclosed

- across country

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English cuntree, contree, from cuntree, contree, n.


a. obsolete : of one's own country : native

b. India : of or belonging to India or an adjacent land

three European ships and a country ship


a. : living, located, or operating in the country : of, belonging, or appropriate to rural regions : suitable to or suggestive of the country rather than the city

a country school

one big rawboned country preacher — Eudora Welty

expensive and decorative country clothes — Susan Ertz

b. : prepared, processed, or preserved with farmhouse supplies and procedures rather than those employed in industrial plants

country butter

country sugar

country ham

III. noun

: country music

IV. adjective

1. : of, relating to, suitable for, or featuring country music

a country singer

country fiddling

country radio stations

2. : of or relating to a decorative style associated with life in the country ; also : possessing a style of rustic simplicity

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