Meaning of LOOSE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ lu:s ]

adj., n., & v. --adj. 1 a not or no longer held by bonds or restraint. b (of an animal) not confined or tethered etc. 2 detached or detachable from its place (has come loose). 3 not held together or contained or fixed. 4 not specially fastened or packaged (loose papers; had her hair loose). 5 hanging partly free (a loose end). 6 slack, relaxed; not tense or tight. 7 not compact or dense (loose soil). 8 (of language, concepts, etc.) inexact; conveying only the general sense. 9 (preceding an agent noun) doing the expressed action in a loose or careless manner (a loose thinker). 10 morally lax; dissolute (loose living). 11 (of the tongue) likely to speak indiscreetly. 12 (of the bowels) tending to diarrhoea. 13 Sport a (of a ball) in play but not in any player's possession. b (of play etc.) with the players not close together. 14 Cricket a (of bowling) inaccurately pitched. b (of fielding) careless or bungling. 15 (in comb.) loosely (loose-flowing; loose-fitting). --n. 1 a state of freedom or unrestrainedness. 2 loose play in football (in the loose). 3 free expression. 1 release; set free; free from constraint. 2 untie or undo (something that constrains). 3 detach from moorings. 4 relax (loosed my hold on it). 5 discharge (a gun or arrow etc.). øat a loose end (US at loose ends) (of a person) unoccupied, esp. temporarily. loose box a compartment for a horse, in a stable or vehicle, in which it can move about. loose change money as coins in the pocket etc. for casual use. loose cover Brit. a removable cover for a chair or sofa etc. loose-leaf adj. (of a notebook, manual, etc.) with each leaf separate and removable. --n. a loose-leaf notebook etc. loose-limbed having supple limbs. loose order an arrangement of soldiers etc. with wide intervals. on the loose 1 escaped from captivity. 2 having a free enjoyable time. øøloosely adv. looseness n. loosish adj. [ME los f. ON lauss f. Gmc]

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