Meaning of LOOSE in English


adj. 1 unattached, unconnected, disconnected, detached, free, unsecured, unfastened, movable I have a loose tooth The vacuum cleaner will pick up any loose bits. 2 unconfined, untied, unfettered, released, freed, unshackled, unchained; free, at liberty, at large, on the loose, untrammelled In Pamplona, they allow loose bulls to run through the streets to the arena 3 unconfining, free-flowing, flowing, baggy, slack, hanging That skirt is loose on you since you lost weight 4 disordered, disorganized, unbound, untied, messy; strewn or spread or tossed or thrown about or around, scattered (about or around), in disorder, in disarray, dispersed On the desk was a loose pile of papers 5 rambling, disconnected, unstructured, unconnected, discontinuous, non-specific, unspecific, indefinite, imprecise, inexact, inaccurate, free, broad, rough, offhand, casual, careless, untidy, sloppy, slapdash, general, vague He gave a loose description of his assailant A loose translation does not convey the flavour of the original. 6 lax, relaxed, negligent, careless, sloppy Discipline has been quite loose around here lately 7 wanton, dissolute, debauched, immoral, promiscuous, abandoned, fast, libertine, profligate, licentious, lewd, perverted, corrupt She was quickly gaining a reputation for being a loose woman

adv. 8 break loose. escape, flee The boy broke loose from my grasp and ran to greet his mother 9 hang or stay loose. relax, stay or keep calm or cool, cool off or down, sit back, take it easy Hang loose and everything will be all right 10 let or set or turn loose. discharge, let go (with); emit, give out (with), fire They let him loose after questioning She let loose a stream of invective like a fishwife.

v. 11 let go, (set) free, release, let or set or turn loose; liberate, deliver Ten thousand balloons were loosed in the celebration 12 untie, undo, unfasten, let go, disengage, relax, ease, loosen, slacken;, cast off Loose these ropes, please 13 let go, let fly, fire, discharge, shoot, unleash, deliver We loosed a devastating barrage at the enemy

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