Meaning of POCKET in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈpɔkɪt ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a small bag sewn into or on clothing, for carrying small articles. 2 a pouchlike compartment in a suitcase, car door, etc. 3 one's financial resources (it is beyond my pocket). 4 an isolated group or area (a few pockets of resistance remain). 5 a a cavity in the earth containing ore, esp. gold. b a cavity in rock, esp. filled with foreign matter. 6 a pouch at the corner or on the side of a billiard- or snooker-table into which balls are driven. 7 = air pocket. 8 (attrib.) a of a suitable size and shape for carrying in a pocket. b smaller than the usual size. (pocketed, pocketing) 1 put into one's pocket. 2 appropriate, esp. dishonestly. 3 confine as in a pocket. 4 submit to (an injury or affront). 5 conceal or suppress (one's feelings). 6 Billiards etc. drive (a ball) into a pocket. øin pocket 1 having gained in a transaction. 2 (of money) available. in a person's pocket 1 under a person's control. 2 close to or intimate with a person. out of pocket having lost in a transaction. out-of-pocket expenses the actual outlay of cash incurred. pocket battleship hist. a warship armoured and equipped like, but smaller than, a battleship. pocket borough Brit. hist. a borough in which the election of political representatives was controlled by one person or family. pocket gopher = GOPHER(1) 1. pocket knife a knife with a folding blade or blades, for carrying in the pocket. pocket money 1 money for minor expenses. 2 Brit. an allowance of money made to a child. put one's hand in one's pocket spend or provide money. øøpocketable adj. pocketless adj. pockety adj. (in sense 5 of n.). [ME f. AF poket(e) dimin. of poke POKE(2)]

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