Meaning of THIS in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ðɪs ]

pron., adj., & adv. --demons.pron. (pl. these) 1 the person or thing close at hand or indicated or already named or understood (can you see this?; this is my cousin). 2 (contrasted with that) the person or thing nearer to hand or more immediately in mind. 3 the action, behaviour, or circumstances under consideration (this won't do at all; what do you think of this?). 4 (on the telephone): a Brit. the person speaking. b US the person spoken to. --demons.adj. (pl. these) 1 designating the person or thing close at hand etc. (cf. senses 1, 2 of pron.). 2 (of time): a the present or current (am busy all this week). b relating to today (this morning). c just past or to come (have been asking for it these three weeks). 3 colloq. (in narrative) designating a person or thing previously unspecified (then up came this policeman). --adv. to this degree or extent (knew him when he was this high; did not reach this far). øthis and that colloq. various unspecified examples of things (esp. trivial). this here sl. this particular (person or thing). this much the amount or extent about to be stated (I know this much, that he was not there). this world mortal life. [OE, neut. of thes]

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