Meaning of THIS in English

/ ðɪs; NAmE / determiner , pronoun , adverb

■ determiner , pronoun ( pl. these / ðiːz; NAmE /)


used to refer to a particular person, thing or event that is close to you, especially compared with another :

How long have you been living in this country?

Well, make up your mind. Which do you want? This one or that one?

I think you'll find these more comfortable than those.

Is this your bag?


used to refer to sth/sb that has already been mentioned :

There was a court case resulting from this incident.

The boy was afraid and the dog had sensed this.

What's this I hear about you getting married?


used for introducing sb or showing sth to sb :

Hello, this is Maria Diaz (= on the telephone) .

Jo, this is Kate (= when you are introducing them) .

This is the captain speaking.

Listen to this.

Do it like this (= in the way I am showing you) .


used with periods of time related to the present :

this week / month / year

I saw her this morning (= today in the morning) .

Do you want me to come this Tuesday (= Tuesday of this week) or next Tuesday?

Do it this minute (= now) .

He never comes to see me these days (= now, as compared with the past) .


this sth of sb's ( informal ) used to refer to sb/sth that is connected with a person, especially when you have a particular attitude towards it or them :

These new friends of hers are supposed to be very rich.


( informal ) used when you are telling a story or telling sb about sth :

There was this strange man sitting next to me on the plane.

I've been getting these pains in my chest.


- this and that | this, that and the other

■ adverb

to this degree; so :

It's about this high (= as high as I am showing you with my hands) .

I didn't think we'd get this far.



Old English , neuter of thes , of West Germanic origin; related to that and the .

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