Meaning of THIS in English



At this juncture

At this juncture , I suggest we take a short break.

at this moment in time (= now )

At this moment in time we cannot proceed with the proposal.

at this time of night (= used when something happens very late at night, and you are surprised )

Why are you calling me at this time of night?

at this/that point in time formal (= used especially in official speeches, announcements etc )

It would be wrong to comment at this point in time.

at this/that point

I’m not prepared at this point to make any decision.

at this/that stage

At this stage his wife did not realise he was missing.

believe this/that nonsense

Don’t tell me you believe all this nonsense about ghosts!

can’t go on like this

I can’t go on like this for much longer.

don’t need this...crap (= used when you are angry about the way someone is behaving towards you )

I don’t need this kind of crap .

In this instance

In this instance I think she was mistaken.

it...come to this

I never thought it would come to this .

just this/that moment (= only a very short time ago )

I had just that moment arrived.

learned this lesson the hard way

Make sure you put the baby’s diaper on before you start feeding her. I learned this lesson the hard way .

of such/this/similar etc magnitude

We did not think the cuts would be of this magnitude.

of this kind

How can we be sure a disaster of this kind will not happen again?

of this/that nature

I never trouble myself with questions of that nature.

put sth like that/this

‘He's been completely irresponsible.’ ‘I wouldn’t put it quite like that.’

put sth this/that way

Let me put it this way - she's not as young as she was.

right this minute

You don’t have to tell me right this minute .

shuffled off this mortal coil (= died )

when Hubbard shuffled off this mortal coil

step this way (= walk in the direction I am showing you )

Mr. Ives? Please step this way .

such as this/these

There is now a greater awareness of problems such as these.

the/that/this very moment

At that very moment, the doorbell rang.

this afternoon (= today in the afternoon )

I'll come round to your house this afternoon.

this chapter/the present chapter

The present chapter deals with the years leading up to the war.

this evening (= today, in the evening )

I'll phone you this evening.

this Friday

We’re flying to Vienna this Friday.

this Monday

The UK office will open for business this Monday.

this morning (= today in the morning )

What did you do this morning?

this Saturday

What are you doing this Saturday?

this Sunday

There’s another antiques market this Sunday.

this Thursday

Mark and I are driving south this Thursday.

this Tuesday

I’m sorry I can’t make it this Tuesday.

this Wednesday

Come down this Wednesday.

this week

He’ll be in the office this week, so you should give him a call.

this weekend

Are you going sailing this weekend?

this year

She will be eight this year.

this/that sort

We must ensure that this sort of thing does not happen again.

this/that type

He is not suited to this type of work.

this/that very reason

I want everyone to be able to cook my recipes, so for that very reason I chose inexperienced cooks to test them.

this/the other side of the border

Her friend lives on the other side of the border.

with this end in view (= with this thing in mind as an aim )

We need to reduce costs, so with this end in view, the company is switching supplier.


(just) this once

OK, you can stay up till 11, but just this once .

But the smiling man who clutched the real trophy after the game spoke, this once , for everyone.

Carol told Petey this once to help him stop crying so she could take a look.

Hadn't she seen something like this once before? she thought vaguely.

He had sworn this once when he and Adrastus had quarreled and Eriphyle had reconciled them.

Lawyers and supporters of the parents in Orkney questioned both the motives and the methods of this once trusted organisation.

Maybe this once , the world will display itself as immutable.

We've been through this once .

We've done this once or twice before, as I vividly recall.

I hate to say it, but .../I hate to tell you this, but ...

I'll say this/that (much) for sb

And he's got guts, I 'll say that for him.

He was a demon wonder at finding food, I 'll say that for Vern.

I 'll say that for Lorne.

I'll say this/that much for sb/sth

I'll say this much for him, he was consistent until the end.

If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

a/the/this vale of tears

The world is a vale of tears, a giant ball of dung.

We all know what next occurred-and here we all are, in this vale of tears.

add(ed) to that/this

In some patients, a course of steroids may be added to this drug.

Little new material about research in the field has been added to this new edition.

New words can not be added to this class - hence its name.

Of course, many details could be added to this simple description, but the account offered does capture the general idea.

Other dimensions could be added to this scheme.

Spend some time with Ariel and his magic if you want to add to this tale.

To add to that, he hated her for what he thought she was doing to his sister.

Today's sentence will be added to that.

at this rate

At this rate , I'll lose $30 million by the end of the season.

I calculated miserably-nearly three thousand words at this rate , more than ten pages.

If he keeps blossoming at this rate , too, basketball coaches soon will be pitching tents in his yard.

Indeed, at this rate the City's fears of Labour's policies could make the difference in getting Labour elected.

It was last to start and at this rate , will probably be last to finish.

Police claim that at this rate , the thief could clear out the entire flock of Trafalgar Square pigeons in seven months.

Poor Maud can only totter along at this rate .

To miss the odd target is acceptable, but not finds coming up at this rate and in such a confined area.

Work out how many woodlice you will have in 10 years' time if they continue to multiply at this rate .

at this time

"Do you have any health insurance?'' "Not at this time .''

Gas prices always go up at this time of year.

I have no further questions at this time , your honor.

It would be difficult at this time to explain all the new regulations.

What are you doing out at this time of night?

His frustration with not carrying the ball at this time of year is as routine as the end of daylight savings time.

His salary at this time was £1,000, and upon leaving the service he received a pension of £600 p.a.

I have no reason to believe at this time that this was anything more than a terribly tragic accident.

It was not uncommon for critics at this time to be engaged in character study and reconstructions of plot and chronology.

No, not the World Series, but the asinine bets politicians make at this time of the year.

Remember that at this time the special eucharistic celebration of Christians took place during the course of a meal of fellowship.

The rejection of the newly mobile toddler may be accentuated if another baby is born at this time .

There were controversies about various forms of Church Government and many sects flourished at this time of religious toleration.

depart this life

failing that/this

A few hours of oblivion probably, but failing that, Faber.

And failing that, have you ever thought of joining a club for single people?

Every failing that we pointed out has since proved to exist: those failings have emerged every year since its implementation.

I would prefer to go in the kop, but failing that I'd like to try the new East stand.

It's financial clout that counts or, failing that, kicking up a stink.

Look for lush foliage or, failing that, avoid wilted plants or plants with leaves that are starting to brown.

She is determined to make the girls hate losing, or failing that, hate the consequences of losing.

from that/this day/time/moment etc forward

It was resolved that from this day forward they shall be called by the name of the Veterinary College, London.

get this

And the whole thing only cost - get this - $12.95.

For a time after I get this call, I feel bad for him, and for my sister.

I get this big feeling again.

I always attended their concerts to try and work out how he got this effect.

I have often struggled to get this difficult explanation across.

I want to get this club turned in the other direction, like we did the last time.

My getting this malignancy is the last straw, in her opinion.

The point was to get this groove I always had a feel for.

We got ta get this show right before we go into New York.

go down a/this road

They mustn't go down this road again, it could only lead to disaster.

in this/sb's neck of the woods

We don't get much snow in our neck of the woods.

What are you doing in this neck of the woods?

in this/that regard

Last quarter we stated the need for developing a new appraisal system. The department's efforts in this regard have been impressive.

And in this regard there is no doubt that the middle classes of the emerging world have an edge.

And we let him know we understood that and that we expected to receive a comparable benefit for ourselves in that regard .

Henry Fielding was one of those who was annoyed by the poor's presumption in this regard .

I know that in this regard my feeling will be echoed by my hon. Friends with responsibility for Bristol constituencies.

It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.

My job with the City of New York was particularly rewarding in that regard .

The second guidance was in respect of roads, and much needed to be done in this regard .

There is no substitute for truly professional practice in this regard .

let's get this show on the road

like this/that/so

Aye, some boys will be like that.

But it was not always like this.

Geniculate, at first glimpse, is something like that.

He was an associate of Neuhaus, and like that legendary figure imparted the richest sense of cultural and human ideals.

How typical of Iris to think of such a detail at a time like this.

It goes like this: 1.

Nothing even remotely like this had ever happened to her before, and she didn't like it.

not in this lifetime

not long for this world

The old corner drugstore is not long for this world.

now hear this!

on that account/on this account

out of this world

He has to be from out of this world to spring all that on me.

sb is not long for this world

that's more like it/this is more like it

the Michael Jacksons/Mother Teresas/Microsofts etc of this world

the best/biggest etc ... this side of sth

this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

this house

Even places, especially this house whose air is thick with the past.

He was born in this house , third room on the end, 75 years ago this July.

If this house were a score it would sing of all that is best in modern music.

Leave this house on the instant!

Most of this house was here when my father came in 1911.

Mostly, I am to tend to this house .

The gallery on this house on Church Hill was probably part of larger farm buildings facing the meadows.

You see, this house is mine now.

this instant

Come here this instant !

And as for rushing off this instant , there's no need.

But even at this instant , something relaxed in me.

But this instant information has come at a cost.

Despite this instant recall, however, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we lifted the trophy.

Get down from there this instant .

In this instant , a stronger bit might help with the strong horse to stop him running through the rider's hand.

Now was the time for other things-for the next thing-for figuring out what to do now, this instant .

You hie yourself into your room this instant , and remove those -- clothes.

this is it

But I have to tell you, this is it .

But if you want state-of-the art, this is it .

Cancer has taught me that life isn't a dress rehearsal, this is it and you only get the one chance.

I think this is it for him.

If ever more evidence were needed to confirm that Michael Jackson is truly washed up, this is it .

If rugby ever had an own-goal masquerading as a laudable aim this is it .

Okay, so this is it .

Yet if ever there was a time to put the record straight, this is it .

this is the life

She felt marvellously well. 34 Ah, this is the life , this is the life.

this means war

this minute

Get back in your room this minute .

You don't have to tell me right this minute .

He was also, if only for this minute , hers.

Horace is right this minute painting the kitchen.

I see, on re-reading this minute , that I promised further sections on the weekend and holidays.

If he was here this minute I would feel like killing him.

If John walked through the door this minute , she wondered if she would be able to resist taking him back.

Leslie knew dying was going on out there this minute .

There is again something about the tone of this minute that strikes me.

Well she would put that right now, this minute !

this side of Christmas/midnight etc

this/that leads (me) to sth

Anything less than that leads to what the theistic traditions frequently refer to as idolatry.

But the priority is to get off a path that leads to more and more isolation.

It is this that leads to the dependency culture predominant among deaf people in integrated education.

It was a straight road, the kind of road that leads to a temple or a sacred monument.

So that leads me to think that these sorts of events are not particularly uncommon.

Then the operatives are more likely to make mistakes when set-ups are constantly changing, and that leads to increased wastage.

This is the scene that leads to the Giza plateau.

Those same lessons apply to changing our attitude from one that leads to failure to one that leads to success.

this/that puppy

How do you shut this puppy off?

Use the lane and follow that puppy , that glove, up the road ta where it come from.

to this/that/the effect

A proposal to this effect follows in Section 3.

Does his eagerness amount to setting up a trust to that effect ?

I made a little speech to the effect that we are overjoyed to be in Sydney.

It is a person's or animal's contribution to the effect .

She made a note to that effect .

The other factor which contributed to this effect was his decision to become a broadcaster.

This is because thick lithosphere will tend to be more resistant to the effects of heat conduction and penetrative magmatism.

We were ourselves considering whether we should introduce a Government Bill to this effect .

watch this space

As they say elsewhere ... watch this space.

Currently undergoing a major expansion - watch this space for developments.

Only time will tell, but it's looking good - watch this space for further details!

So watch this space, as they say.

Thanks for comin' everyone - and for the next big event watch this space!!.

We very much hope to have the new materials ready before the end of 1991 - watch this space!

We will indeed be publishing a picture of Goran in our Sweetspot section in a future issue so ... watch this space.

what's the meaning of this?

What's the meaning of this? I asked you to be here an hour ago!

what's this in aid of?


Add this mixture to the cranberry sauce.

In this chapter of the book, we look at a number of new economic theories.

Steve's going to Miami this Thursday.

The band plans to go on tour this year.

Then this girl came up and kissed him on the lips.

When am I going to meet this boyfriend of yours?

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