Meaning of WATCH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ̈ɪwɔtʃ ]

v. & n. --v. 1 tr. keep the eyes fixed on; look at attentively. 2 tr. a keep under observation; follow observantly. b monitor or consider carefully; pay attention to (have to watch my weight; watched their progress with interest). 3 intr. (often foll. by for) be in an alert state; be vigilant; take heed (watch for the holes in the road; watch for an opportunity). 4 intr. (foll. by over) look after; take care of. 5 intr. archaic remain awake for devotions etc. --n. 1 a small portable timepiece for carrying on one's person. 2 a state of alert or constant observation or attention. 3 Naut. a a four-hour spell of duty. b (in full starboard or port watch) each of the halves, divided according to the position of the bunks, into which a ship's crew is divided to take alternate watches. 4 hist. a watchman or group of watchmen, esp. patrolling the streets at night. 5 a former division of the night. 6 a period of wakefulness at night. 7 hist. irregular Highland troops in the 18th c. øon the watch waiting for an expected or feared occurrence. set the watch Naut. station sentinels etc. watch-case the outer metal case enclosing the works of a watch. watch-chain a metal chain for securing a pocket-watch. Watch Committee hist. (in the UK) the committee of a county borough council dealing with policing etc. watch-glass 1 a glass disc covering the dial of a watch. 2 a similar disc used in a laboratory etc. to hold material for use in experiments. watching brief see BRIEF. watch it (or oneself) colloq. be careful. watch-night 1 the last night of the year. 2 a religious service held on this night. watch out 1 (often foll. by for) be on one's guard. 2 as a warning of immediate danger. watch-spring the mainspring of a watch. watch one's step proceed cautiously. watch-strap esp. Brit. a strap for fastening a watch on the wrist. watch-tower a tower from which observation can be kept. øøwatchable adj. watcher n. (also in comb.). [OE wócce (n.), rel. to WAKE(1)]

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