Meaning of WATCH in English


v. 1 observe, regard, look at, gaze at or on, take in, contemplate Daniel loves to watch the bears at the zoo 2 look after, tend, mind, keep an eye on, watch over, mind, guard, care for, take care of, safeguard, protect, shield, keep safe, supervise, superintend; chaperon, accompany, attend; Colloq babysit (for), sit (with) Could you please watch Suzie while I go shopping? 3 observe, note, notice, make or take note of, see, pay attention (to), attend (to), follow, (take) heed (of), examine, inspect, scrutinize, pore over; eye, peer at; ogle, make eyes at Watch the way I bone this fish Ted enjoys watching the girls going by. 4 Often, watch (out) for. look for, be on the watch or lookout or alert or qui vive (for), guard (against), keep an eye open (for), be watchful (for), note, take note or notice of, be vigilant (for or of), keep (one's) eyes open (for), keep a (sharp) lookout (for), be prepared or ready for, be careful of, anticipate, await, wait (for), look for, Colloq keep (one's) eyes peeled or skinned (for), keep a weather eye open (for) We were watching for irregularities in the test results Watch where you're going! Watch out for that last step!

n. 5 vigil, surveillance, observation, lookout Our six-hour watch was rewarded by the appearance of a yellow-bellied sapsucker 6 clock, timepiece, pocket watch, wrist-watch; chronometer I always set my watch by the GMT time signal on the radio 7 sentry, sentinel, guard, watchman The midnight watch just returned from his rounds 8 on the watch (for). on the alert (for), on the lookout (for), on (one's) guard (for), on the qui vive (for), alert (for or to), awake (to), observant (of), watchful (of), cautious (of), wary (of), vigilant, circumspect We remained on the watch for the slightest movement in the bushes

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