Meaning of WATCH in English



Function: noun

Date: before 12th century

1 a : the act of keeping awake to guard, protect, or attend b obsolete : the state of being wakeful c : a wake over a dead body d : a state of alert and continuous attention e : close observation : SURVEILLANCE f : a notice or bulletin that alerts the public to the possibility of severe weather conditions occurring in the near future <a winter storm watch >

2 a : any of the definite divisions of the night made by ancient peoples b : one of the indeterminate intervals marking the passage of night ― usually used in plural <the silent watch es of the night>

3 a : LOOKOUT , WATCHMAN b archaic : the office or function of a sentinel or guard

4 a : a body of soldiers or sentinels making up a guard b : a watchman or body of watchmen formerly assigned to patrol the streets of a town at night, announce the hours, and act as police

5 a (1) : a portion of time during which a part of a ship's company is on duty (2) : the part of a ship's company required to be on duty during a particular watch (3) : a sailor's assigned duty period b : a period of duty : SHIFT c : a term as holder especially of an overseeing or managerial office <the business grew on her watch >

6 : a portable timepiece designed to be worn (as on the wrist) or carried in the pocket ― compare CLOCK

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