Meaning of WATCH in English



Pronunciation: ' wäch, ' wo ̇ ch

Function: verb

Etymology: Middle English wacchen, from Old English wæccan ― more at WAKE

Date: before 12th century

intransitive verb

1 a : to keep vigil as a devotional exercise b : to be awake during the night

2 a : to be attentive or vigilant b : to keep guard

3 a : to keep someone or something under close observation b : to observe as a spectator <the country watch ed as stocks fell sharply>

4 : to be expectant : WAIT < watch for the signal>

transitive verb

1 : to keep under guard

2 a : to observe closely in order to check on action or change <being watch ed by the police> b : to look at : OBSERVE <sat and watch ed the crowd> c : to look on at < watch television> < watch a ball game>

3 a : to take care of : TEND b : to be careful of < watch es his diet>

4 : to be on the alert for : BIDE < watch ed her opportunity>

– watch it : look out : be careful < watch it when you handle the glassware>

– watch one's step : to proceed with extreme care : act or talk warily

– watch over : to have charge of : SUPERINTEND

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